Monthly Archives: May 2007

cross-country elevator action

one of these notes is from los angeles; one is from lexington, kentucky. can you guess which is which?


(thanks to eve in kentucky and natalie in l.a. for submitting.)

this means you!!!


from amy in ocean pines, maryland, who explains: “i have had a problem with the people i live with (namely my husband and sister) who do not understand the concept that a dryer full of lint is a fire hazard [!!!]”

who’s the smartass?

exhibit a, from lindsay in burbank:


says the author of post-it #2: “the next day, she added a note that said, ‘keep eating my sushi and you’re going to find out!'”

and exhibit b, from jason in new haven:


(to the left, the original note. to the right, the response.)

if you’re guessing these guys are engineers, you’re not that far off.

switch to tea

this note is like the teenager who manages to contain themselves long enough to grudgingly recite a lengthy mandated apology, but then can’t resist turning around and giving the finger afterwards…or the perky flight attendant who finally cracks when the drunk fat guy hits the call button again at the end of a long flight. mmm, feel the repressed rage!

(thanks to jenn in hudson, ohio for submitting!)

passive perfectionism


from corey in winnipeg.

visual aids always help


from lars in san francisco.

boston: a place for friends

angry car notes are pretty common, sure, and most probably wouldn’t qualify as passive-aggressive even by our loose standards. but offering the use of a shovel? that at least earns this note a spot in our top 8.


in her defense, eeka says there were three to four empty spaces available in front of her house when this note was left — two of which she shoveled out herself.