it was an ironic dance party, okay?


slipped under our door by the downstairs neighbors. guilty as charged.

8 responses to “it was an ironic dance party, okay?

  1. The Gentle Sherpa

    This isn’t really that passive, as they say they tried knocking first. Giving fair warning before you call the cops just seems standardly polite to me.

    Considering your choice of playlist (which can only be likened to a recording of the devil evacuating his bowels against your neighbors wall, depending on the MJ you choose), this note is far too even-keeled to be here amongst these other mealymouthed whiners.

  2. I love the giant “Y’all” at the top. 🙂

  3. Britney Spears must have left this for her neighbor when she was with
    The Mickey Mouse Club.

  4. It’s passive-aggressive not to answer your neighbor knocking.

  5. As someone who has had neighbors with this taste in music and the same propensity to blare it again and again, I can attest that no note asking it to stop can be too passive-aggressive, or just plain aggressive. Talk about sanity killing.

  6. i like that “ya’ll” too 🙂

  7. Are they going to call the actual police department, or the band fronted by Sting? Maybe he could just get Sting and his buddies to hang out in the other apartments….have a battle of the bands or something…

  8. Not responding to the knocking on the door is passive aggressive; playing music so loud that the door cannot be heard is just plain aggressive. Either way, no question who the asshole is in this particular situation…

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