this is getting so meta


Frank writes, “Nice blogs….But I would like to point out that your passive-aggressive notes site
is a complete rip-off of a humor piece I wrote over three years ago for the now-defunct humor magazine Jest.”

Well played, Frank! Not only is the piece in question quite humorous indeed, but Frank’s use of classic passive-aggressive conventions (the faint praise, the “helpful” suggestion) in his e-mail about said piece is exemplary.

Read the whole thing here.

10 responses to “this is getting so meta

  1. Where are the illustrations!?

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  3. Frank’s original piece is funny because notes like the ones on this blog actually exist in real life and everyone has seen them. Therefore, Frank’s an idiot.

  4. Yeah, well, anyone ever heard of Found Magazine? It’s been publishing this stuff for years and years.

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  6. Quickly… Kat– my angry email to Kerry was written in jest; she’s a friend of mine. But “Voshon Lenard”– how could you? Unless you’re actually Kerry passive-aggressively commenting on her own post using a pseudonym, in which case, bravo!

    Everyone else: if you learn anything from this site, it should be that anonymous notes hurt, and pseudonymous ones hurt even more.

    Frank 😦

    P.S. Kat, that frowny-face was also insincere.

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  8. I knew Frank for a sec when I interned at The Colbert Report, he’s really nice. But I don’t know how he would think that this entire site is a rip off, unless all the notes posted were fake, like his. But they aren’t. Everyone knows that comics get their jokes stolen all the time but this just seems fickle. Also, he called this one blog, ‘blogs’. I love how some people think that everything related to a blog – reading, posting, commenting, are all considered ‘blogging’ when in fact those people are idiots.

  9. Not to belabour the point, but I think the reference to ‘meta’ in title of the post might be a clue that Frank was submitting his printed piece as a contribution to the blog, but doing it in a faux “passive aggressive” manner in order to maintain the theme. I know; the joke isn’t funny when you have to ‘splain it.

    The reference to ‘blogs’ (plural) is due to the fact that the author has another blog (wrongkmiller), as opposed to Frank’s inability to understand the internets.

    Hope that helps!! Thanks!! Bye!!!

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