maybe next time you should try power point?


the visual aid here is genius, and i love the piggyback note. (once two people join in, the whole thing has a tendency to spiral out of control into a massive anonymous bitchfest.)

spotted by steve.

UPDATE: the sign-maker writes in to claim his handiwork! oliver explains:

I was horrified at this state, but I also did not want to be labeled as the person that left the toilet in this state. I wanted to clean up the mess but then how would I communicate my disgust to the unknown person that actually did it? So this was my solution. Document the offense including time found and then clean up.

like i said: genius.

21 responses to “maybe next time you should try power point?

  1. Do these woman have arms and hands? And even if they didn’t, couldn’t they put the seat down with their foot? And even if they didn’t have feet a toilet seat in the upright position has a good deal of potential engergy, a small shove from their girly stump would certainly put it down.

    Plus, are these women also blind? That might be harder to overcome–they wouldn’t necessarily know whether the seat is up or down. Of course if they can find the toilet, they must have some way of identifying where to place their blind bottox.

    I guess if you had a woman who was a blind, quadruple amputee this would make sense–but then how did she write the note?

    It’s all very confusing.

  2. Well, as the person who posted the paper in the toilet I feel compelled to add the following. I was horrified at this state, but I also did not want to be labeled as the person that left the toilet in this state. I wanted to clean up the mess but then how would I communicate my disgust to the unknown person that actually did it? So this was my solution. Document the offense including time found and then clean up. The follow up message was great to see and touches upon one of my favorite design rants – the design of this particular toilet seat. How many people have come across this toilet seat covered in urine because some guy was apparently too lazy to lift it. Well, doesn’t its design suggest that you can pee without lifting it because there’s that handy gap at the front? So bearing this in mind, I wonder if the woman’s request to leave it down is a sensible one. I have repressed the desire to add, “after you have used it”.

  3. Ya know Oliver ever since I was in short pants the industrial toilet seat has fascinated me. My mother made it very clear I was not to pee without lifting the seat. But then, why the “slot” in the front.

    It has been a mystery my entire life.

    But since you posted the original note, can you clarify for me: Do you have a quadrapalegic woman working in your office?

  4. Funny you should ask. We don’t have a quadriplegic woman in this small group of offices, but we DO have a business that specializes in medical equipment for the disabled!

  5. I had the “put the seat down rant”, and even have the ranter comment at me for not putting it down in an office toilet.
    Initially, I just ignored her, but then she brought it up one last time that I just got pissed.
    She complained that she almost fell in because the seat wasn’t down, and even mentioned me by name in front of my manager. My manager knows that she’s just being annoying, and try to end the conversation, but I just said “I make sure that I don’t piss on the seat, so you can make sure you don’t fall into it.”
    That was the last I’ve heard her complain about anyone not putting the seat down.

  6. As a young male child, I learned to lift the seat before I urinated. It was really easy.

    What if…GOD FORBID…a female human being approached a toilet with the lid down? Should all male humans make sure to lift the seat part of the toilet so women won’t piss/shit on the seat?

    If so, I’ll do it. Just let me know.

  7. At first glance, I thought the written note said, “put the SCAT down.” SEAT. SEAT. Phew.

  8. I have wondered if the problem for women is they often just don’t want to touch the toilet with anything but their butt.

    Of course if they would learn to keep the seat up we men wouldn’t have to ever touch it.

  9. Well if you don’t want to touch a seat with your fingers (which DO wash), there’s always toilet paper, you can grab a few squares and use THAT to touch the seat with to put it down.

    This coming from a WOMAN. Who would prefer that the mess in the bathroom be cleaned by the person who made the mess, but who would certainly be able to cope with the toilet seat being up. And who would never, ever fall into a toilet because, seriously, who sits down on a public/shared toilet without looking at it first!

  10. Weeeeelll… this is a long going debate, I suppose. But I think it is a matter of gentleman courtesy, just like opening a door for woman, or taking off a hat indoors. Somehow we’ve lost our chivalry (thanks femi-nazis who think we women should “HAVE IT ALL” but really don’t realize that the cost of “having it all” is our sanity). Yes, some of us do back into the toilet and do fall in. Many of us female types, in public bathrooms in particular, straddle the bowl and squat over the seat…so we don’t want our butts on it either. That’s why the lovely paper seat covers were invented. So, no, in general, I dont want to touch the seat to put it down (and have used my feet) nor do I want to sit on it, unless it is my toilet seat in my own home. I have a husband and a son, and the seat bottom becomes splashed with their pee. Why should I touch their pee? I’m not the one who hosed the seat in attempts to hit the bowl.

  11. I think whether or not woman goes ape shit over a seat being up or not when she goes to use the bathroom is a good test of her sanity and/or bitchiness.

  12. I have almost the same problem at my workplace. Everyday at around 10:30(once everyones coffee burns through their G.I. system) the restroom smells like a landfill fighting a 40 year old septic tank and every single stall is clogged so badly their is soggy paper in a miniscus over the bowl. Would it be passive agressive to leave a note saying “Holy God, go see a doctor” with an arrow pointing down?

  13. I dont get it..the pic shows the seat in the down position. what is the complaint?

  14. You know, if I were a woman, and really wanted a long-term solution to the pissed on toilet seat, I’d leave a not that said: “For God’s sake, leave the seat up!”

    In the up position, it’s much more difficult to soil the toilet. And, if up were the default, then women could control when it were put down.

    Which brings me to the smartest toilet seats I’ve ever seen. The toilet seats in the vault toilets of some of the state/federal parks are spring loaded up. That way, if you really want to sit on the seat, you pull it down and hold it down until you’re done. Then when you stand up, it pops up out of the way for the next wayward pisser.

    As far as falling in goes, or sitting on the rim, that’s just stupid. I mean really, look before you sit.

    You know guys sit to do their business sometimes too, and I’ve never heard a dude bitch about sitting on the rim because he couldn’t manage to lower the seat on time.

    Finally, if you want a sensible note: “Close the lid and flush” Closing the lid goes a long way toward controlling bathroom odor, by reducing the aerosol plume emitted during the flushing process.

  15. As a woman I truly have never gotten why it is the guys sole responsibility to put the seat down. I don’t have a problem putting it down before I use it. And if women are getting mad cause they are sitting down and not checking to see that the seat is down already….well that’s a whole different topic and discussion!

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  17. I really don’t care about my husband or son putting the seat down, all I care about is them putting it up so they don’t pee on it. It’s not like the seat weighs a ton, you could take your thumb and flick it down with your nail and it falls right down.

    David A. makes a good point though, you should put the lid down to flush because the spray from the toilet gets all over everything in the bathroom. Including toothbrushes, clean towels AND those paper seat covers in public restrooms which renders them useless. Dr. Oz said that on Oprah. We’ve started doing this at home so the seat down all the time.

  18. The first thing I did when I bought my first home was to have a urinal (miniature size) installed in all the full bathrooms. I can’t even remember what it used to be like to have to remember to put a toilet seat down.

  19. What a wonderful site. I have been thoroughly entertained, if not reminded of some of the signs I’ve seen in the office over the years.

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  21. One thing to keep in mind is that women “approach” the situation differently, ie backwards. While this is more common at night, half asleep, no glasses, a white toilet seat on a white toilet in a poorly lit washroom can be much more hazardous than you might think. 😉

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