just severe enough


from william, who notes: “sadly, management thought this was too severe, so it was replaced with a long whiny treatise on coffee etiquette.”

20 responses to “just severe enough

  1. Leave it to management to launch their humor seeking missiles at what was a undoubtedly a tiny bright spot of wit in the office. Attention management: When you fail to appreciate the comedy in overstatement, you fail at life.

  2. Classic! I see these around my flat daily, if my camera wasn’t broken, I’d send some in!!

  3. HAHA, love it. I put one up in my office that started with “You too can make a fresh pot of coffee when you take the last cup. It’s easy!” followed by step-by-step instructions for making coffee and a promise for “next week : Removing the empty carafe from the heat.”
    Alas, it too suffered the slings and arrows of managerial oversight.

  4. I’m kind of interested in seeing the long, whiny treatise on coffee etiquette.

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  6. Lol.
    That sounds like the kind of thing I would say!

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  8. My girlfriend has this problem with the guys at work – when she said something to one of them who breezed out leaving the empty pot on the heating element, he said “I don’t know how to make it. I’d just mess it up.”

    She wanted to leave a note saying “your penis is not so large that it gets in the way of you making a new pot of coffee.”

  9. Comic Sans is never forgivable, even if used ironically.

  10. Wow, that’s the best note ever!

  11. agreed, [with phil] am so not a fan of Comic Sans. Uck. Dirty font!

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