when you get down to it

thanks to rachel for bringing to light another key battleground for office passive-aggressives: the thermostat.


click to enlarge.

10 responses to “when you get down to it

  1. Ya know, this one is pretty darn reasonable. I’ve witnessed some much less productive AC-related conversations in offices I’ve spent time in…

  2. yeah, this one isnt too bad imho. i once had a roommate *superglue* the thermostat to like 72F in early autumn.

  3. do you have to note that this is reasonable? what the fuck has the internet become?

  4. Better yet, what is up your arse paul? Take a pill.

  5. put a fucking sweater on!!!

  6. Oh, dear. I am guilty of scribbling a note at my office and taping it over the thermostat. Mine was many words shorter, and far more…er, pointed.
    Our system can’t handle the load during high summer, but we have ONE executive who against all natural law, insists that turning the thermostat down to 60 degrees or below when it’s already overloaded and can’t keep up, will actually make it 60 degrees within a few minutes.

    No matter how many times it doesn’t work, he keeps doing it. I finally snapped, because I’m the one who is here first in the morning…and who then has to turn on the heat, because the office is 58 instead of 72 where it’s supposed to be.
    Oh, well.

  7. My old boss had a west facing office. I was in the office next to him and faced north. His office heated up in the afternoon to over 80 degrees. Mine was cooled to 55 since he controlled the AC. I used to drink hot chocolate in the summer, bring wool blankets in and have to run my hands under hot water to be able to get the joints to move. I find male employees to be the worst – They are hot, therefore all must be cooled…as opposed to having an icey drink or taking off a jacket. Women, who run cooler are told to deal with it, have a hot drink and put on a sweater. I live in LA and I hate AC with a passion.

  8. You had to do all that in *55* degree weather? That’s not cold at all. You LA people are crazy 🙂

  9. Who wears a coat when it is 55 outside?
    Or am I nuts since I’m moving to Fairbanks?

  10. Did anyone else notice the menacing shadow of the thermostat over the note?

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