“that shit is disrespectful”


mike gets the last word in this exchange.

25 responses to ““that shit is disrespectful”

  1. Is it passive-aggressive if you’ve asked a person multiple times to leave the toilet seat down and they continually forget so you leave a note asking them to “Please remember to put the toilet seat down.” and then post it above and next to the toilet?

  2. No, you’re just an idiot.

    Be creative. With a note like that, I’d piss all over.

  3. What is the obsession with toilet seats being down, anyway?

    It’s far more convenient for a good chunk of the population if it’s up as a default position, but you don’t tend to find people bitching about that!

    Although I guess I just did… sigh.

  4. jesus! don’t piss on the seat! put the seat down! stop fucking other women!

    nag nag nag nag nag.

    that’s not how you get babies, you know.

  5. I’ve actually been contemplating writing ‘clean-your-piss-off-the-seat’ in the BOWL of our staff toilet – in permanent ink. Might give the men something to aim at, anyhow.

  6. Debutantejaim

    If you shake it more than twice you’re just playing with yourself.

  7. Surely the most sensible (economical/lazy?) position is to leave it however it was when you finished…no up/down decision to make.

    But logic like that doesn’t win arguments over the toilet seat in my experience.

  8. Mmm… I live with two other gay men and the issue has been delt with sans argument. Although we’re all male, the seat and lid are kept down ’cause it looks better… all of our bathrooms are Fabulous! and the sight of an unlidded toilet is just nasty…

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  10. Um, the guy’s name is KREGG? That is not a name.

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  13. not an expert

    Compare the handwriting. I think this is more of an example of MPD (multiple personality disorder) or a cry for attention.

    Just sayin’.

  14. this made me cry. it was so funny.

  15. I wish my wife would stop leaving the seat DOWN.

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  17. You leave the seat down because you leave the lid down. You leave the lid down because if you don’t, the dog drinks out of the toilet. You don’t want the dog to drink out of the toilet because he kisses you on the mouth.

    Really, how much simpler could it be?

  18. Another way to look at the seat up/seat down argument – it’s easier to leave every cabinet in your house open after you use it, but do you?

    Oh, maybe you do.

  19. Sophie on the Sofa

    Seems trite but when I work in the kitchen I definitely have every cabinet and drawer open and there are many advantages. Try it. It works in the bathroom and bedroom as well.

  20. Sophie on the Sofa

    Leave your doors open and then you don’t have to fumble for keys. Learn to trust other people and maybe they’ll become more trustworthy.

  21. I agree with Pie…I would normally have sympathy for the initial note-leaver on this issue, but anybody who spells his name “Kregg” loses points for pretentiousness.
    I have to side with Mike on this one.

  22. Ok, although this argument has never worked in reality, the theory is:

    1. The current user’s responsibility is to adjust the seat to whatever position is needed for the task at hand. When finished, it is not necessary to modify the seat position. Best for single user or same sex user configurations.

    2. Alternative for m/f shared configurations: The male user must always put the seat down when finished. However, to be fair, the female user must always raise it when she is done.

    I don’t see why this doesn’t fly… and the female argument of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night without turning the light on just doesn’t hold water… See, at some point when every guy was around 4 or 5 years old, we once sat down on a toilet when the seat was up… Once! Now we look. Every time. You should too.

    That is all.

  23. So damn funny it brought tears to my eyes. I hate cleaning piss off the seat myself of course, but there are few things that get my dander up as much as classic passive aggressive behavior. For goodness sakes Kregg with two g’s grow up, get some balls, and tell Mike you want him to clean up his own piss. Oh and I must of course weigh in on the seat up or down issue. Here’s the thing….men sit to crap, women sit to crap, women sit to pee, men stand to pee. Three out of four wins. It’s simple math. Put the damn seat down guys. Sheesh.

  24. so, who took the pics? a 3rd party?

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