no smelly foods


it started with “no smelly foods,” says kathleen, and escalated from there.

8 responses to “no smelly foods

  1. Wonderful notes. As a related point of interest, a friend of mine and I once decided that it would take passive-aggressive to a whole new level if we were to post a response note to a complaint note that we never actually received.

  2. hah! yeah I had the displeasure of working in a place that said “no smelly foods” and I really should have countered with these notes… face it. smelly foods often taste the best…

  3. That’s just like the note we got from our evil boss. It’s a T-Shirt now.

  4. “Do not microwave four coworkers”?
    I have read about people flipping out and shooting their co-workers, but microwaving them? And I know there isn’t really anything in the picture to show the size of that microwave oven, but I guess I would be hard pressed to fit even one of my co-workers in there…

  5. Hilarious. I’ve worked at places like that.


  6. LOL…Don’t warm up anything.

  7. Sungame, that’s a “y” it’s your not four. Either is funny though.

  8. LOL… Do not microwave four coworkers.

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