that means you, freda


danny snapped this understated little note at a senior center in maryville, missouri. it seems a bit futile, really. i know that no sign would stop my grandmother from putting in her two cents.

8 responses to “that means you, freda

  1. clothing. yeah, everybody wants the guy in the speedo to cover up, but if clothing didn’t exist to allow us to pander to our own illusions, our vanity would probably keep us all in better shape.

  2. Good collection of notes. I am sure like journalist you are running around with camera all the time. 😀 😀 😀

    Good work .. I love it keep posting.


  3. Oh wow. This site is fantastic. Maybe I should submit my own notes that I leave on the cars of people who try to park me in… I don’t think they are hilarity-inducing enough though!

  4. Funny!

    Canvas of life – Lives of real people

  5. foxhollowjewelry

    This website is hilarious…what a good idea…very funny.

  6. What about passive-aggressive emails from nasty wanna-be managers? This one I made into a T-Shirt.

  7. OMG, someone else out there has been to Maryville, Ill? I’m going to visit my grammy there in two weeks. Wait, maybe this was taken at HER senior center! ha-ha

  8. this sounds like my whole experience of learning how to golf with the ex-boyfriend.

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