with 17 roommates, it could have been worse

green stuff

this lovely petri dish courtesy of ben, who explains: “while living in a house in london with 17 people from all over the world, things become way too green. this had to be done every once in a while in order to remind others not to overpopulate our kitchen with new living organisms.”

5 responses to “with 17 roommates, it could have been worse

  1. Love the ending – “Cheers”

  2. Just wash the effing dishes and stop whining about it already!

  3. I did wash them in the end.
    I hope the green stuff gets you at night.


  4. The follow-up note could be: “Wash your dishes or they will be relocated, face-down, in your bed.” Or, just skip the whole note thing and dump the dish in his/her bed.

  5. Oh my dear god. You guys go through exactly what I do. it’s summer break, and I came back to the sorority house for summer school.. and what did I return to? GREEN STUFF GROWING ON PLATES!! (as well as puke in a bag that was neatly placed in the sink)
    I think all of us note-writers should form a coilition.

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