and/or random things


such a perfect little hat trick at the end of this note: the four exclamation points, the heart, the “thx.” the first of many from laura in baltimore.

13 responses to “and/or random things

  1. Genius! Dear me, I do so think I need one of those for myself!

  2. your blog made a difference in a rather long day of dealing with bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo. i’m now on the look-out for notes to submit. in the meantime, i linked your site to mine. hope you don’t mind. 😉

  3. i’m linking your site as well. this is a great way to spend my time at work. i’ll be on the lookout for some notes. hilarious. keep up the good work.

  4. This note just exudes the author’s self-satisfaction. What’s most un-charming in a note like this one is the absolute ignorance about how it will be received. I can imagine the chair the NEXT time the author is away.

  5. I agree 100% with the sentiment of the note, yet the last post made the most sense of it’s probable perception – and backlash.

    I’d like one, quite similar to this note here, but it would list MY KEYBOARD or RANDOMLY ON MY DESK… you know, the INBOX I have just doesn’t have the impact I suppose of getting the work to me.

  6. Sadly, my work areas is in such a constant state of disarray that the only way for anyone to be sure I will see a fax or new mail or anything else left while I am away is for them to leave it in my chair! Hey, it’s a newsroom.

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  8. LOL, the damn heart is the funniest thing!

  9. hey! i know you! nice one, laura.

  10. Hmmm… well, I’m not going to stop, so you’d better sharpen your knitting needles, chum.

  11. god, i looooove room-mates!!!

  12. I absolutely HATE when co-workers pile my work on my desk.

    I have a huge desk, it isn’t like there isn’t any other place to find it. I keep everything organized and neatly placed where it needs to be in either an Inbox or an Outbox, why can’t people just not put it where I have to sit!?

  13. passive agressive remedy:

    Throw it out or bury it under other paperwork.

    When they come back to ask you if you got it hunch your shoulders and say “Was it in my Inbox?” with a confused look on your face

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