be curtius

the stolen item in question here? a serving of creamer.


this one’s an anonymous submission, but i have my suspicions…even if the grammar is a little off.

8 responses to “be curtius

  1. You know what?? This is just stupid… I love the language myself.. But this is ridiculous… The person who wrote the original notice probably knows more languages than the person who thought he/she was the grammar police…
    If the critic got the message, then that’s probably all that was required of him/her… the sarcasm stinks of unwarranted superiority.

  2. I was going to comment on the multiple ellipses from the submission, only to find a comment with multiple ellipses. Milo (or anyone else), can you please explain why ellipses would end a sentence or question better than a period or question mark? Do the ellipses imply something other than a pause?

  3. And the note throwing a tantrum over a creamer smacks of unwarranted childishness.

    I’m sorry, but it is a touch harder to take someone seriously when their spelling is THAT shitty. Come on, we’re not talking about 50 cent words here.

  4. Those elipse people make me want to kick them, seriously.

    I bet the original note-writer is a boss, or a person whose job involves writing, too.

  5. Oh, hell, and here I was thinking THIS was bad. Then I clicked over to the link you had. I think I have to bleach my eyes, now. Reading that garbage made my head hurt.

  6. Is that a picture of Tas with a rifle in his mouth?

  7. lindsay’s comment made me laugh out loud. fo realz “lol’ing”

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