the mad bomber, act 2: please stay seated during the entire performance

if you missed it, act 1.


act 3 coming soon…

21 responses to “the mad bomber, act 2: please stay seated during the entire performance

  1. No pun intended, but holy crap!! I used to work at this place, and the owner/manager is a huge dick!! Now that I know the source of these letters, they don’t surprise me one bit!!
    PS- this website is freaking awesome 🙂

  2. I saw this first over at the band killcreeks website.

  3. that’s a pretty clever way to get it to stop.

  4. Being a janitor, I can so relate to this. All I can say is, some humans are dumber than the stuff they leave on the toilets and walls!

  5. I especially love his use of the word “performance”. I didn’t know that using the bathroom is considered art. What an interesting use of different mediums too. First the initial “performance” piece, but then to paint the walls? So avante garde.

    My only wish is that he’d included a picture of the final masterpiece.

  6. I don’t see what’s so “passive agressive” about this. Aside from standing by the bathroom and inspecting it after every use, there is no other way to address what seems to be a very real problem. We have a mad pisser in my office. Every once in a while the bathroom will be completely sprayed down. It’s no fun. Some of my most unhappy memories from early childhood are of the disgusting bathrooms we had to share in pre-school and kindergarden. When adults behave this way, something is seriously wrong. I think this post isn’t really in keeping with the mission of this blog IMHO. It is quite entertaining though, I’ll give you that.

  7. this is simply amazing. why does she do it? what could she possibly gain from it? i need chapter 3….

  8. Uh, i bet it was some guy mad at women.

  9. We had a mad poo-smearer who used the ladies’ room at my old workplace. It was bad. Very bad.

  10. I find that a pretty good note – humorously written despite being a response to some grim behaviour. I wouldn’t diss the writer of this one.

  11. I agree I like it! I would hate to have to clear up that mess every week how disgusting. You just better hope it isn’t a disabled person who doesn’t have access to a disabled toilet in the building although I couldn’t imagine that happening. Unless its a child. I just can’t get my head round the fact that someone would do this willingly.

  12. wow..! its a great !

  13. I can’t contiplate in my mind how someone would miss so badly. Even diarea at the most would hit the front end of the toilet but behind and on the walls?! This bomber must have fecal matter with a lot of gas buildup. This is why I don’t take a Crap in public restrooms.

    Note: even hovers can aim at the center of the bowel.

  14. There has to be a follow-up to this. I must find out who the MAD BOMBER is.

  15. Seriously, who does that? If you’re old enough to use a restroom you are obviously potty-trained, so what kind of a freak can’t crap into a toilet? I just can not wrap my mind around that fact that there are ADULTS out there that can not manage to get their waste into the giant hole of a toilet. (on a different rant, i’d like to kick the ass of every person who feels compelled to use 30 feet of toilet paper in a public restroom, thereby clogging up the toilet so no one else can use it. )

  16. Let it be known that I have a deep appreciation for letters that open with “let it be known.” Very regal!

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  18. It’s illegal to leave a mess in the bathroom? Unless they can prove some sort of intent to vandalize, I don’t see the police getting involved.

    Perhaps they can just revoke the offender’s membership?

  19. Cool letter. Power to the babes!

  20. You know, occasionally we have someone hang ten. That is, they have obviously left a turd on the RIM of the toilet seat.

    Other than sociopathy, I think one time I traced the behavior to someone who was changing a diaper, and really didn’t know how to go about it, which sometimes might happen to the less experienced parent.

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