you know he only became a dj to get girls


jenny insists this note wasn’t just because the dude wouldn’t take her request for “toxic.” (“the DJ really sucked!”)

8 responses to “you know he only became a dj to get girls

  1. Wait, does that mean Jenny submitted this herself? I don’t think it’s as funny when it’s a self-satisfied submission.

  2. dear jenny,
    really…nothing makes a dj want to entertain you more than being completely insulted and browbeaten into playing some shit that exactly two people in the room want to hear.
    how ’bout you drink the free watered-down booze, eat a tray or two of cookies, do the electric slide like everyone else, and shut the f*ck up.

  3. The real gold in this post is Mark’s comment… hah.

  4. Geez…
    No wonder Meagan and Jenny were stuck at this party without dates.

  5. Do I win the “scavenger hunt” award for guessing that this “party” was actually a wedding of “jenny’s” friend Jessica and took place at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse?

    (the web address on the note)

  6. If the DJ refused to play “Toxic,” he couldn’t have been that bad.

  7. I don’t think I know anyone who would write a note like that just because the DJ didn’t play one song they requested, but I don’t know everybody.

    And I think that the better DJs have a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to music, and so they usually play songs like “Toxic”.

    P.S. Mark’s comment is amazing.

  8. omg/lol…the directions are for tom ham’s lighthouse in san diego. that was mean…why didn’t jenny and meagan simply put in some rockin’ requests for the sucky DJ?

    Mark’s comment was ace and ironically P/A too!

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