meet my new therapist: the cable guy

cindy and her friend had a falling out. the ex-friend then sent cindy this message on facebook. something tells me this post isn’t going to be the olive branch that brings them back together.

the cable guy

4 responses to “meet my new therapist: the cable guy

  1. Erm, I can read the name there.

    Just black it out.

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  3. you know the person just made that stuff up about the cable guy. they just wanted their former friend to be bff with them again and they needed an excuse to bring it up.

  4. Wooooow. That’s bullshit. Some people are so unnecessarily vindictive and weird.

    And the sad thing is, this reminds me of people I know. Like the girl who let me use her fridge, then, after an argument, told me that I couldn’t anymore. THEN, after I had cleaned all my stuff out, she got upset because I left a tiny cup of yoghurt… And sent me a long e-mail… On said tiny cup of yoghurt… An e-mail that was almost like a novella…

    I wish I had saved her e-mails, they were precious in that ridiculous way.

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