next time, go for the fiji?


this fiendishly funny note comes to us courtesy of jennifer in philly, who does not condone the theft of bottled water of any kind.

6 responses to “next time, go for the fiji?

  1. pennysquisher

    I wonder if it occurred to the person who wrote this note that the bottle was either thrown away by someone cleaning out the freezer or was used as an icepack by someone who assumed the frozen, used water bottle was there for that purpose.

  2. More cowbell!


  3. jessicatillyer

    your blog is fucking amazing. i can only imagine the sarcastic person that must lie behind all this genius.

    xo! violet tiger

  4. Fiend, theres a word that isn’t tossed around often.

  5. dude, if it’s not yours, don’t take it. period. that is so disrespectful and I know your mama brought you up better than that.

  6. LOL! That’s awesome! A few years ago, someone took my water bottle out of the freezer at work. I guess they didn’t realize that I’d been drinking out of the same bottle and refilling it for a few days…hope they enjoyed the backwash!!

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