care: it makes a difference

this girl is like the archetypal freshman roommate, no?


from megan in charleston, who was not the slob that this note might suggest.

17 responses to “care: it makes a difference

  1. My favorite part is the inadvertent tagline: “CARE – it makes a difference.”

  2. LOVE the fact that at the bottom of the sign it says ‘CARE – it makes a difference’, that really tickles me somehow…

  3. I was all on their side until the part about the drinking…

  4. I wonder if note writer intended to say s/he would dump the trash on the offender’s bed, but left out the “it,” thus implying that s/he would literally be taking a dump on the bed. Which seems a much harsher form of retribution for not taking out the trash.

    Also? Any exclamation point made in bubble form immediately renders any threat that came before it meaningless and a joke.

  5. HAH! That handwriting looks just like the girl on my floor this year who would leave passive-aggressive notes to us in all the bathroom stalls about peeing on the seat and in the floor kitchen about not taking her dishes and cleaning up after ourselves. Now, granted, I agree with all those things, but the last note about the dish-using was complete with a drawing of a bloody knife in colored marker. I wish I had thought to snap a picture.

  6. I still remember the one roommate who spent three hours detailing how to clean a house and taped it all on the wall. Included were details on where to find a broom.

    Never mention that they could have actually accomplished all those tasks in the time it took them to create the large note – it doesn’t end well, trust me.

    This site makes me wish I saved it.

  7. I love how the writer vents everything in one sentence and then asks “Understand?” and exclaims “GOOD!”. Beautiful writing!

  8. I’m with everyone else: I love the CARE tagline after all the threats, but that’s what happens when you live with people who were raised by wolves…

  9. So…to end a letter with CARE- It makes a difference? What a joke. If you are going to leave a passive aggressive note to others be firm and assertive about it. Don’t end in all nice and sweet like you’ve just repeated a sappy saying that you read off a poster you saw walking down the hallway of your middle/high school. Have a backbone and don’t back down one you’ve already been a jerk!

  10. Yep… love the CARE tagline. That’s awesome.

  11. The erasable board’s sidebar text promoting a social services organization (or whatever it is) is pretty sweet. Along the right you will see “relationship problems” written… which just jumps out at me for some reason. Ha.

  12. I’ve had to write one of those notes before. At least the asshole it was directed towards actually takes out the trash now, but he doesn’t replace the liner, and he still doesn’t do his dishes — but since they’re my plates I can’t throw them out. >:|

  13. Hahahahaha I go to College of Charleston and lived in the dorms last year. That was written on the free dry-erase things that the college put on the fridges of each dorm room. haha. Awesome.

  14. forget passive-agressive.

    that’s just downright mean.

  15. Dump on the bed?

    There are men out there who’d pay a great deal of money for that.

  16. I have to give this note to my flat-mate…she is awful! I hope all Spaniards aren’t like that 😉

  17. I’m compelled to wonder…do all female note writers attend the same penmanship classes?

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