the mad bomber, act 3: we are watching you

if you missed them, act 1 and act 2.

mad bomber, act 3

sadly, season one of this series ends with a dramatic cliffhanger ending!

will the mad bomber be caught in the act? will richard g. sells post another sign outing the bomber for public humiliation and condemnation?

we can only hope.

17 responses to “the mad bomber, act 3: we are watching you

  1. I desperately hope to see more from Richard G. Sells.

  2. I have a feeling that the perpetrator of the vile defacing of the ladies bathroom will not be able to quit. I predict that we will see further posts for Richard G. Sells.

  3. it’s too bad that people just can’t crap IN the toilet anymore, they have to crap ON or AROUND it. that is just f-ing NASS-T!!!

  4. I want to catch the Mad Bomber… on my chest… blech.

  5. I sure hope they don’t cancel the series.

  6. Yes, but what tracking methods did they use?
    I can’t tell you how much I’d like Richard to out the perp.

  7. Anhoni now that I think of it, I have a feeling Richard G. Sells will die moments before revealing who the perp is, giving us another season just like season 1, but with a different main character.

  8. I think Richard is full of it. He doesn’t have any idea who’s doing the pooping. He’s just trying to scare them into stopping.

    I saw this on Law and Order I think…

  9. Can he really bring lawsuit against the person? Really?

  10. mothmanbr – *laughing* you are so right. it’s like you have the evil mind of a television network executive.

  11. Lunch Lady Doris

    You know, they’d have a much better chance of catching the poop perp if they would just hang out and wait, preferably with a camera, and not let the person know she has been caught. How do we even know this mysterious perp isn’t Richard G. Sells himself?

  12. I agree with Duh.. it’s just a tactic… But I hope it works.

  13. Clearly there’s a sickness involved in this. I mean dang nobody craps that much and all over the place if they don’t have some REAL serious intestinal issues. But why go to the gym to relieve herself? Would YOU want to relieve that kinda crap at your house? If I had angry (irritable) bowel syndrome coupled with a seizure disorder I’d go somewhere else to use the restroom too. I mean think of it, would you want to have a seizure AND take a crap at the same time? Now her behavior seems understandable doesn’t it? Irritable Bowel Syndrome and a Seizure Disorder explains this all away.

    Catching it on film though….I don’t know if I’d want to be the cop who views that tape. I suppose if they want to catch the perp there’s plenty of DNA left behind.


  14. But really, you have to ask — where’s the expense in all of this? Would they not have a cleaning crew, were it not for the Crapinator? Would they not have a need to clean the restroom?

    This is better than LOST.

  15. haha. they will never catch the mad bomber. I hope they don’t anyway, this guy is hysterical.

    i always imagined most people try to crap at their home and avoid it at the gym but apparently that is not the case.

  16. the bathroom key sign-out sheet referenced in a prior note would make it pretty easy to figure out who the mad bomber is. but perhaps she used an alias!

  17. DangerousNerd

    “Bring this to an end”? Hilarious. In a completely sophomoric way.

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