your last day of work was yesterday

how’s this for way harsh? the numbered list at the end is my favorite part.


i’m all, “whoa, they left him a note instead of telling him face-to-face?” and scott’s like, “yep, I guess probably because the night operator was a pretty big dude.”

17 responses to “your last day of work was yesterday

  1. the best part for me is “reasons for this…
    …New Tape Drives”

    that has really got to hurt.

  2. “Reasons for This:…New Tape Drives.”

    That line is particularly poignant.

  3. I especially live that this was chicken-scratch on a legal pad… They didn’t even ATTEMPT to make it look professional or official.

  4. ah, man. fucked by technology.

    with them newfangled tape drives they don’t need you writin’ that shit down.

  5. I feel his pain. I think a note is better than having to look at some snake-in-the-grass asshole tell you he’s letting you go. Damn.

  6. I wonder what the HR commission would think….

  7. Can someone tell me what a “tape drive” is?

  8. lemare, it’s a backup tape device.

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  10. At least he apologizes at the start. 😛

  11. hey this is a great site! i do blog submission projects as well! go web 2.0!

  12. officedoodles

    Cops and Robbers! Some things never change. To bad the 90% of all the Fun Ball Rooms in American are gone.

  13. Wow – that’s really classy.

  14. That’s just play inhuman…

  15. wow…I have no words.

  16. wtf is a new tape drive? jeez, i hope they don’t get one where i work!

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