microwaves for dummies


i agree with katrina in ann arbor — the last “…etc.” bullet point is what makes the sign totally genius. and, apparently, effective.

katrina adds, “our microwave is a pristine fucking sanctum suitable for storing, say, the dead sea scrolls, so maybe people are leaving the shrink wrap on their lean cuisines.”

3 responses to “microwaves for dummies

  1. Hilarious!!!!! How about posting a note over the kitchen sink telling everyone to wash their OWN dishes instead of waiting for the next person to come along and do it for them!

  2. They should add “if you brought something that’s going to make the entire office reek.”

  3. We have a sign like that over our sink.

    “We are all adults here! Make sure you wash your dishes and clean up after yourself!

    Your mother doesn’t work here!”

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