gentrification is insanit(ar)y


this sign (spotted by seamus in noe valley, san fran) is sort of a west coast version of this, no? again, more crazy than passive-aggressive, but too good to pass up.

9 responses to “gentrification is insanit(ar)y

  1. oh god. I know that sign. That guy is certifiably crazy.

  2. i’m not sure which is worse, the “radical germs” or the “looney valley”. they both sound pretty wack to me.

  3. it is, apparently, the american way to call your opponents names.
    don’t worry too much about the “passive aggressive.” your eye for a worthwhile note is good.

  4. “I do like to needle them. I admit it.”

    “I do like to spit on fascists’ windows. I admit it.”

    Monkey see…

  5. This guy is awesome! Throw aside his support of Bush and the like, he’s probably the most original person in that SF neighborhood.

  6. that whole window is gold. someone should walk out there and document it.

    ah, persecution complexes.

  7. “someone should walk out there and document it.”

    Click on my name for the rest of picture set. Or the link below. You’re welcome.

  8. sirblackmaggot

    Oh man. I live a block away from that office — what a surprise to see it here. In context it’s a little off theme, since this guy is pretty clearly trolling (although I don’t doubt his sincerity). Every time I walk by I have to fight a slight temptation to go in and have a calm, reasonable discussion about it, but my sanity hasn’t quite deserted me yet.

    BTW, when r u going to post my submission on the blog? you know the one. it’s just not thoughtful of u to ignore when people send in pictures so it would be great if u could just post it ok?? just trying to help u out a little 🙂 🙂 also please take care of that bagel u left out overnight!! kthx!

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