i swear this isn’t some kind of stealth viral marketing campaign

…but hot pockets are totally the car radios of the communal freezer.

exhibit a: new york city hotpocketnyc.jpg

exhibit b: southern oregon


exhibit c: washington, d.c.


exhibit d: oahu, hawaii


thanks to beth at columbia and dj shaggy for their help in uncovering this phenomenon.

26 responses to “i swear this isn’t some kind of stealth viral marketing campaign

  1. this is my favorite so far

  2. hot pockets are a hot theft item and responsible for the riun of many o’ work microwave. They blow-up big time when they are put in too long.

  3. Number three is so so so my favorite for it’s plethora of grammar mistakes and because the person topped it off with a “shall not.”
    How very biblical.
    Now, I wish I had a hot pocket.

  4. I had no idea there was such a hot pocket problem in the world. Shocking!

  5. Who knew these items were the crack cocaine of the food world? People will lie, cheat, steal and possibly ruins their lives just for a taste.

    I liked the last submit of the photos of the convenience store thieves. I used to work at a bookstore and we did that with shoplifters. Good times.

  6. that first one needs to be forwarded to the overlords at the unnecessary quotation marks blog.

  7. It seems that hot pockets may perhaps be the car radios of a shared freezer. Perhaps easier to steal because it only takes a couple of minutes to cook them. So you’re in and out. Funny. kim

  8. I LOVE hotpockets, and have been said to closely resemble one.

  9. Hot pocket theifs should be dealt with by using the fullest extent of the law.

  10. OMG, hot pockets really ARE that good! i’m gonna have to try them for myself. i wonder who’s i can steal… LOL 😀

  11. People at my work LOVE to steal hotpockets (or my lean pockets). I have had them stolen from me multiple times. I can’t write a note cause HR would no approve of that. Oh well. The only thing I can do is continue to write my name on the box and keep my fingers crossed.

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  13. Whom needs a grammar lesson?

  14. love the sad smiley in the first one

  15. That reminds me of my mother’s favourite joke:

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    F*ck who?
    F*uck WHOM.

  16. Hot pockets are effin disgusting. Who the hell would be desperate enough to steal ’em MUST be hungrier than hell.. let ’em have ’em. Ugh.

  17. Jim Gaffigan has a joke that goes something like:

    “You what no one has ever said before? ‘Wow, eating that Hot Pocket sure was a good idea. I am glad I did that.'”

  18. If hot pockets weren’t so portable and delicious, this wouldn’t be a problem, now huh???

  19. Hamilton Lovecraft

    This aggression will not stand, man!

  20. Back in the day when I worked at a public library somebody stole my Hot Pockets. I responded by writing this passive-aggressive haiku (or something similar, I can’t recall it exactly) and posting it on the fridge:

    Dear Hot Pocket Thief:
    I hope that it tastes like guilt,
    So hot and delish

    The next day there was a note from the Hot Pocket thief who was profuse in his/her apology, as well as two new replacement boxes of hot pockets.

    I felt really terrible despite it all, and attempt to curb any passive aggressive behavior from myself.

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  22. Jim Gaffigan – Hot Pocketsssss…..Pope Pocketsssss!!! (Just go to YouTube and type in hot pockets and his name, Jim Gaffigan, you will die from laughing!!!!)

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  24. I always have granola bars and various food items in my office as I like to graze during the day. I share them with anyone who asks, but they started disappearing when I wasn’t around. So I set up a webcam on “motion detect” and discovered it was not who I thought was the perpetrator. But before I could confront him (and I planned to just tell him to ask first as I rely on the food being there) he got fired when they discovered he stole a half dozen laptops. Way to steal my thunder with the rice crispie bar thefts!

  25. LQP, last time you told that story it was one box!


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