boston: a place for friends

angry car notes are pretty common, sure, and most probably wouldn’t qualify as passive-aggressive even by our loose standards. but offering the use of a shovel? that at least earns this note a spot in our top 8.


in her defense, eeka says there were three to four empty spaces available in front of her house when this note was left — two of which she shoveled out herself.

13 responses to “boston: a place for friends

  1. When somebody stole a parking space that I’d just finished shoveling out, I poured water all over his car so that it froze up and he couldn’t get his doors open. That’s not passive-aggressive, that’s aggressive-aggressive. His car didn’t move for days, it was great.

  2. Taking shoveled-out parking spaces is a big No-No in Chicago. Very very bad. People plant their lawn chairs in their freshly-shoveled spaces to signify that It Belongs To Someone.

  3. sirblackmaggot

    Yeah, I have to support this one too. I don’t think anybody who’s lived through a Boston winter with a car and no off-street parking could take issue with it. Frankly, I’m surprised she offered the shovel for borrowing, instead of applying it directly to the windshield of the offending car.

    (Paul: that’s awesome. that must have been the most satisfying thing ever!)

  4. I hate this mentality about parking spots in winter. Same problem in Baltimore. But a spot on the street is not your private spot! If you don’t want to leave it up for grabs, then take the bus! Who cares if you shoveled? So did the person who came back from work and parked in your spot probably. Duh.

  5. Wow, Paul, that’s pathetic. How horrible is your life that you seek revenge on someone who angers you?

  6. Love this note. Have you seen the book “Found” – it’s a bunch of funny, ridiculous notes people have found. You might like it. Also, check out my blog if you ever have time:

  7. i can’t say anything. i live in MI and we’ll get in all out brawls over shoveled out parking spots.

  8. Kla, I guess you’ve never heard of the Labor Theory of Value. If you spent a couple of hours of backbreaking effort on that parking space, you own it by virtue of your labor.

    -Psipsina in Boston, who doesn’t even own a car

  9. Boston common knowledge: you shovel a a spot, you place an item in said spot, it is yours until melting. God help you if you steal a spot from someone in the North End.

    p.s. Paul, I heart you. I will keep a gallon of water handy next winter for just such an occurrance.

  10. I have to agree with OmegaMom, the chair is sacred. The same rule applies in Pittsburgh. God help you if you move someone’s chair.

  11. Love Paul’s idea… hee hee

  12. But what if you spent hours shoveling out a parking spot, left for 5 minutes, and came home to find that someone took it? Is it acceptable to then park in a space that someone else shoveled out?

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