killing you with cuteness


from the cubicle of michele in jasper, indiana.

michele says she doesn’t actually expect to see her digital camera again, “but I at least wanted to inflict some guilt on the person who took it.”

16 responses to “killing you with cuteness

  1. People suck! I’d be SO pissed if my camera full of my daughter’s pictures was stolen!

  2. 1 word- Asshole.

  3. harsh!

    That one is pretty powerful.

    I hope the asswipe feels like crap.

  4. What a jerk to steal someone else’s digital camera!!!!

  5. One example of a note that needed to be written!

  6. ok, that was mean!

  7. The bastard! What a cute baby too, hope she had her diaper on in all of them. You know how those Catholic pervs are in Jasper!

  8. That’s horrible…

    and yet I can’t help but wonder why someone left their digital camera out at the office.

  9. I like how they also then left the USB cord out for them to rip…maybe it has a bell on the end.

  10. Love that one! Hope that the thief sees it and fells like the asshole he/she is.

  11. Um, I wonder if the bastard who took the camera also took and posted the pic of the sign.

  12. I have lost my camera twice – once by leaving it in an airport shuttle in a dangerous neighborhood where if you lose something, you can kiss it goodbye; and once by leaving it in a taxicab while I was on vacation in Grenada. I never saw the airport one again (this was in February 2007) and I wondered what they thought of the pictures of my cats. I did get the Grenada one back (April 2003) and I was astonished by the pictures the cab driver’s family had taken – a camera was clearly a novelty to them!

  13. Olivia, this is my neighbor..she left it at the office because she is in a key card entry position where the only people that have access are employee’s and cleaning crew…sometimes you think you know the people around you and trust that they wont steal from someone they see everyday. And yeah, us Jasper Catholics, all diaper and beer pics…probably even some mommy daddy porn 😉 That’ll teach ’em!

  14. I should think of something similar to put in my cubicle, for the bastard that stole my iPod at work, during lunch time. Seriously, I can’t even leave a stuffed toy… it’s been taken too!

  15. This one time my friend was in town (NYC) from California. She had a brought another friend with her and we all went to party at a club. Friend of friend can’t find purse. I saw employee move purse. I tell her. She goes thru purse and says her camera was missing. We all search everywhere. Mood killed. “Typical for ghetto, criminal-filled, amoral New York City” vibe descends. Then the dumb bitch gets back to her hotel room to discover she left her camera there all along. No apology or acknowledgement of course. “Typical stupid California blonde” vibe ensued.

  16. I hear ya on this one. People can be low.

    Someone stole my digital camera off of my blind husband’s shoulder at the local museum. This was the day after a family reunion and my 1GB card with all the pics I hadn’t dumped was in it (along with the rechargeable batteries and backup memory card.)

    I’m really hoping that the camera brings them a whole lot of joy and that reincarnation exists. If it does I hope in their next thousand lives they come back as bugs that get tortured by small children.

    I know I’ll create the money to buy a new, even better camera sometime in the future. And the idea that my husband’s white cane made him a target just makes me ill.

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