visual aids always help


from lars in san francisco.

12 responses to “visual aids always help

  1. Hmm. Apartment 6 must not know about the near-nil sound deadening properties of a pair of newspaper sandals. But “A” for effort.

  2. quirky stuff but smart nevertheless!cool!
    hey check out my blog as well.some funny stuff in there as well.American idol finale, mj auction etc.

  3. Newspaper slips, eh? They’ve taken “helpfulness” to a whole new level…

  4. If you like this, check this

  5. it was the asian guy!

  6. i’m loving the sandals! and to think, all this time i’ve been BUYING shoes!! DUUUHHH!

  7. Maybe they should send down a pair of newspaper ear-plugs

  8. I think I used to live downstairs from that person…except they had twin daughters. Even their cat was loud.

  9. am i the only one who don’t get it? what would the slippers help prevent of noise? and whats with the lift the chain comment?

  10. I think it says lift the chair, not chain

  11. Love it!!!
    I used to be the person in the apartment above… I once offered to learn the art of levitation as it was impossible to even tiptoe over the creaky old floors without making a sound. At least my downstairs neighbour came to talk to me about it in person… 🙂

  12. slippers vs hard soled shoes = much less noise

    I live downstairs from people who sound like they are alternately bowling and Flamenco dancing in their kitchen. It gets old REAL fast.

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