passive perfectionism


from corey in winnipeg.

10 responses to “passive perfectionism

  1. Pristine’s usually the word I first associate with bathroom/toilet. But if the note-leaver really meant it, he or she’d have some gloves and a bottle of 409 conspiciously displayed on top of the towel dispenser.

  2. Whattheheck? Homie livin’ in a dream world!

  3. “pristine”? That’s demanding.

  4. please be sure to refill the paper towels when empty, make sure the towels are in pristine condition, thank you.

  5. That is THE SHINIEST, nee, PRISTINEST (not a word…?) paper towel dispenser I have EVER seen in a public restroom facility.

    Dang, my retinas hurt looking at it!

  6. wow, not just clean but pristine. you just can’t please some people…

  7. I love the word pristine! haha! I wish more bathrooms had signs like this… in my dreams…

  8. Corey (from Winnipeg)

    (Yes, I’m the person who submitted the “pristine” sign… but not the person who posted it)

    This evening, the paper towels from that very dispenser, thanks to some overzealous teenagers,were emptied out all over the bathroom, including into the toilet.

    It’s really going to hit the fan at work tomorrow!

  9. Pristine? Jesus. I don’t think I’ve ever left anything “pristine”, certainly not a toilet.

  10. I always thought Pristine would be a pretty name for a proper little girl……

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