switch to tea

this note is like the teenager who manages to contain themselves long enough to grudgingly recite a lengthy mandated apology, but then can’t resist turning around and giving the finger afterwards…or the perky flight attendant who finally cracks when the drunk fat guy hits the call button again at the end of a long flight. mmm, feel the repressed rage!

(thanks to jenn in hudson, ohio for submitting!)

5 responses to “switch to tea

  1. but how many seconds did it take the type, print, and tape the note?

  2. What’s wrong with making your own damn coffee….you obviously have time to make typed up descriptive notes…

  3. I make it all the F%#@ing time. That’s why I posted the memo.

  4. Um, you really shouldn’t leave coffee in those glass pots for more than about twenty to thirty minutes anyway. It degrades very quickly and you lose a lot of the body and flavour, especially if you leave the burner on, which continues to “cook” the coffee and results in a flat, burnt-tasting beverage.

    Since it only takes two minutes at most to brew a single cup, I’d recommend just brewing as necessary.

    (Yeah, I’m a coffee geek. I’d also recommend only using beans that have been roasted within the past two days and ground within the past 24 hours, but people might balk at that.)

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