this means you!!!


from amy in ocean pines, maryland, who explains: “i have had a problem with the people i live with (namely my husband and sister) who do not understand the concept that a dryer full of lint is a fire hazard [!!!]”

11 responses to “this means you!!!

  1. So, Amy posted a P.A. note, and then submitted it herself? Ballsy.

  2. You go, Amy. I like that it doesn’t pretend to be nice.

  3. Before she lived with me, my current roommate called a dryer repairman complaining that her clothes “never seemed dry” even after multiple dry cycles.

    Turns out she’d never emptied the lint trap in THREE YEARS. She apparently had never done laundry in her life, and when she moved away from her nanny/housekeeper in the Hamptons and got to college way on the West Coast, she was a bit challenged domestically.

  4. silverneurotic

    I have the same problem with the people I work with. I don’t dare put up notes though, the last person that did that ended up getting in trouble.

  5. Uh, I thought you cleaned the lint out after you did a load of clothes? That way it’s all nice and clean for the next person…how I’ve done since I’ve been doing laundry since I was 10 and how we all do it here with a house of too many roommates.

  6. I have the exact same frickin’ problem with my current flatmate. When he does remember to clean the lint out, he leaves it on the floor. Thankfully, he’s moving in a month. [Insert happy dance here]

  7. Isn’t it bad to be the note leaver? Why would people incriminate themselves on this site? I want to laugh at the notes but feel guilty that I’m apparently supposed to agree with them. Sure it’s dumb to not clean the lint filter, but leaving this note just makes *you* the moron. 🙂

  8. i can just picture how angry she was when she threw this bad boy together!

  9. The word “FIRE” with a circle around it and an X through it is perfect.

  10. The FIRE will happen if you do not clean the lint filter after/before each use. It is VERY real, as it happened at my house when I was a child. My Mom was busy trying to do laundry and raise 4 girls while my Dad worked 16-18 hrs. 7 days a week. The one time that she forgot to clean the lint filter the dryer caught fire and destroyed our laundry room and did smoke damage to the entire house. The house was too damaged for us to live in for over a month but thank goodness it did not completely burn to the ground. LESSON LEARNED for me at a very young age!!! Always check the lint filter before use to make sure that it has been cleaned!!

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