who’s the smartass?

exhibit a, from lindsay in burbank:


says the author of post-it #2: “the next day, she added a note that said, ‘keep eating my sushi and you’re going to find out!'”

and exhibit b, from jason in new haven:


(to the left, the original note. to the right, the response.)

if you’re guessing these guys are engineers, you’re not that far off.

14 responses to “who’s the smartass?

  1. brilliant. absolutely brilliant. almost diabolical.

  2. Beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.

  3. ha! that is fuckin CLASSIC!!

  4. how would you stick a milk carton onto a fridge? blutack?

  5. Put a couple of magnets inside.

  6. ha..these are amazing !! Now I know what they mean by “A picture speaks a 1000 words”.

  7. Well, TJ’s sushi is *quite* tasty.

  8. that’s a good point, adam.

    except how would the magnet stick to the milk carton?

  9. topoisomerase

    it’s a strong magnet so the flimsy, thin-walled milk carton provided no barrier to its affixation to the refrigerator 🙂 you just drop the magnet in the milk carton and move it near the fridge, and voila!

    i should point out that two weeks later this thing is *still* proudly on display on the fridge…

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  11. these two are the best! 😉

  12. that’s funny!

  13. xD amazing!

  14. So, were they hard drive magnets?

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