Monthly Archives: June 2007

we’re moving (!!!)

that means it’s time for us all to update our bookmarks to!

and if you wouldn’t mind reminding your crazy roommates and coworkers to do the same, that’d be AWESOME — i know they can be a little, um, “forgetful.”

we’re still doing a bit of work on the place, but it’s gonna be way better than this whole sublet arrangement we’ve got going on right now, i promise.

so, why not head on over to right now? just remember to put on your shoes first.

(just look at all the great notes you’re missing!)

let’s talk washing up shall we

any note that starts with “let’s” i kind of immediately love. this one was forwarded by lindsay in watford, england:

this room is protected by the constitution

this isn’t just a note — it’s a work of art. and it’s about 100 shades of amazing.

i’ll let rich explain:

i had a party at my house once in college, and one of our roommates who was going to be gone was really scared that someone was going to sleep in his bed. so, instead of, you know, telling us not to use his room, he decided to post this hilarious note that only an aspiring personal injury lawyer could produce.

is that a question or a command!?!?


found on the company dishwasher by pete m. at the bottom: “if you would like a lesson in telling the difference between the machine being on or not, please see reception.” (now that’s a power point presentation i’d love to see.)

a holiday wish


from heidi’s apartment building in kansas city, mo.

says heidi: “the decorating committee of condo owners added lamps to the hallway tables on each floor. someone started turning the lamps off on some floors, and someone else left this note on the bulletin board in the building’s laundry room. ”

gotta love that festive holiday stationery!

which one of these is not like the other?

along with the mad bomber series, i’d say this note is one for the hall of fame. there are so many amazing elements here i can’t even pick a favorite.




from the offices of “a large internet company” in northern virginia…


thanks to liz for submitting!