hey, fatty


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  1. 136 lbs? Anal retentive much? Goatwhore.

  2. Holy crap that’s a rude email to send. What a wench.

  3. I like to bounce

    She should have just kept it simple and said “anos only please.”

    Besides, 136 is such a weird number. Not 135? NO. 135 is cool but 136 is just…beyond!

  4. she must be a joy to be around.

  5. If it were me, the next time the chair gives her problems, I would comment “Maybe you shouldn’t have had that last dessert” or even crasser: “136 pounds, my ass.”

    What a bitch.

  6. See, I’d get a note like this, and the first thing I’d do the next time she left, would be to go take my 200 lb fat ass over to that spring chair, and bounce away. Bitch.

  7. I actually looked up the chair in question and oh my god.. it begs to be bounced on. Go take a look and see what I mean.

  8. I don’t think the note is that bad. The stool looks like it could break easily. I’d be worried as well.

  9. I have one of those stools, and Tim is absolutely right. The temptation of that stool in a work environment would be too much, and especially if it were forbidden fruit 🙂

  10. I agree with Tim-that chair looks like a vertical version of a doorstop and screams “PLAY WITH ME!!!”

  11. WOW…what a pisser! If it was so expensive why is it so damn easy to break and so sensitive. It should be really durable for that kind of money. Some people are just so anal and way too sensitive, 136lbs…..ok psycho!!

  12. Hey Georgette,
    Leave your expensive items at home where they belong.

  13. I can’t say I see what’s passive-aggressive (or in any way bitchy) about this note. It seems to me like a direct and reasonable request for personal property to be left alone. I suspect the chair has ranges for weight, the lowest one going up to 135 lbs.

    That said, if the note were being sent to a specific person, it would be a different story and much ruder. This reads like it was sent to an entire office, though.

  14. Yes, first thing I did was actually go to the linked webpage. It seems to be an adjustable chair that while not fragile (it’s made to bend in a bunch of different ways) can break if someone not of the adjusted weight uses it.

    Like Mouse said, it’s personal property. If I left a similarly priced iPod in my cubicle does that give everyone the right to dink around with it? No.

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  16. Not anywhere on the page for the chair does it say there’s a weight limit though, and for that price it better be able to stand some abuse. I think she could’ve been far more tactful if she had simply pointed out the price of the chair and requested people NOT bounce on it period, as opposed to bringing up such a specific weight number.

  17. If you do not want people on your chair, take it home. Have your Doctor sign a request form stating that it is absolutely necessary for your current back problem. Put in a request to your office so they can buy you a chair at THEIR expense, and if it breaks no harm done. The office can handle that person who weighs over 136 how they deem fit. Otherwise personal items should be left at home where they will not be touched, stolen or fondled.

  18. 625 dollars?!? I wouldn’t take that out of my house. Putting it in the office is just asking for trouble…

  19. Hey guys, are u sure she was talking about a chair? She only said “blue stool”. Maybe she was sick or something, u know? 🙂


  20. It makes me want to jump up and down on it.

  21. malicenwunderland

    it wasn’t rude. she didn’t offer the tubbo a carrot

  22. hmm!!! this is most tactful way of handling a issue!! georgette is honest about his back problems then others need to give his space!!! n chair does become the forbidden & most wanted item at the same time!!

  23. Besides not bringing the stool to the office as others said, Georgette could simply ask people WHEN THEY ARE IN THE OFFICE not to sit on it, no matter how much they weigh. If it’s for Georgette’s back problems, she should be sitting on it anyway. Then she can lock the office door when she’s not there. There’s no need to send out an email about this. It just begs people to bounce on the chair, comment on Georgette’s and others’ weight, or steal the chair as a joke.

  24. It says specifically that she set it to that weight level in the note. If the stool itself can only support a certain amount of weight, why would she go to the extreme of making it sound as if it was a personal set of limits. She still sounds like a raving bitch. I do agree with Not-Cheap though, she could’ve left it without mentioning weight at all. It would make me want to drop the pounds back down to 130, just so I could walk in and jump up and down on it. She never mentioned that.

  25. Just leave a sign on the chair itself saying please do not sit. The weight thing combined with the mass email format, price information and mention of back problems is uptight, bitchy, whiny and altogether tmi.

  26. Hm, my parents have a stool that looks just like that one and just yesterday I watched my 185-lb husband bounce on it (It’s impossible to sit on it and not bounce. It’s so fun.) and it definitely held up fine.

    I think the e-mail writer is just anal and a bit of a control freak. I had a co-worker who didn’t like people to sit in her chair because she thought she could catch some kind of butt germs that way.

  27. 136 pounds, did she calculate that with bags of sugar – or is this just a way for her to answer those gossiping administrators who keep saying shes 140 pounds and overweight.
    What evidence do you think she has that people are bouncing on it?
    Having read that email I expect every collegue over 136 pounds clambered to have a bounce on her seat….I know I would.

  28. Having looked at the chair… well… I’d bounce. Then again, if you spend a stack on a chair to take to your office you’re asking for trouble and must be a little bit sad.

    I use one of Swiss Ball exercise things (you know, big round ball, bouncy, like at the beginning of the Prisoner only you sit on it and do sit ups and stuff…). Oh dear, where was I? Oh yes… well I use one of those and it does the trick just as well – for both my bouncing and back problem needs! 😉

    If I shared my office I could leave safe in the knowledge that if somebody big bounces on my er… ball… it will go bang and collapse suddenly and they will have a very sore arse!

    Surely that would only have to happen once for all unacceptable bouncing to cease forthwith!



  29. Why didn’t she just say “no one sit on my stool!” and leave the weight limit out of it?

    I sincerely doubt that Georgette wants anyone to play with her stool for that price, and it would have sounded vaguely more polite.

  30. GoOnADietFatCows

    All of you responding that she’s a bitch must be fat as HELL.

    She did nothing wrong, simply requesting you cows not break her stuff.

    Fat people are an eyesore and a jackass (from what I’ve read above)… but of course everyone knows that… in the theaters, bus, airplane, fat people is just plain disgusting.

    I sure wouldn’t want some whale sitting on my 625lb chair

  31. I sure wouldn’t want some whale sitting on my 625lb chair

    That’s one big damn chair. No wonder you have back problems.

  32. Hmm. I was just about to send out an email for people who weigh less than 200 pounds to quit sitting in my chair- they’re ruining my ass-groove! 🙂

  33. All chairs have a maximum weight limit. It’s a standard to all generic chairs. If you’re so fat as to be over it you should be told this fact anyway.

  34. I sure wouldn’t want some whale sitting on my 625lb chair

    That’s one big damn chair. No wonder you have back problems.


    Seriously though, why not just, “Please don’t sit on my chair, it’s adjusted especially for me?”

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