pour la derniere fois!!!

mike in paris brings us this petit message passif-agressif:


<<paris – 28 may 2007


one must do one’s work during the daytime and NOT at night, or else it’s the police that will be working!

for the last time!>>

9 responses to “pour la derniere fois!!!

  1. P*tain, mais le gars il fait ce qu’il veut.
    Si il veut bosser la nuit, c’est son droit.
    Vraiment un mauvais coucheur son voisin.
    Du vrai porte nawak’ !

  2. Not every passive-aggressive note is made by English speaking people? I wasn’t aware of that, 😉

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. I’ve got friends who like to communicate entirely through these passive-aggressive notes, so these give me a guffaw every time I read them. 🙂

  3. Charlie Lesoine

    The funny thing is the person wrote “Paris” why? I assume this persons noisy neighbors also live in Paris….

  4. Je m’amuse a cause de l’usage de points d’exclamation avec des p’tits cercles.

    (The exclamation points with little circles crack me up. )

    The juxtaposition of the happy little dots and the bitchiness of the note does it for me.

  5. Tres magnifique!

  6. i love it! total french death threat.

    or uh, maybe they’re just saying they’ll call the cops.

    but i like the death threat idea more.

  7. C’est “pour la dernière fois,” pas “la dernier fois.”

  8. That note is weird. Why would anyone be bothered by someone working at night? Unless the job in question is, I don’t know, smith or drummer.

  9. Or a pro perhaps? But why would working in the day make it ok?

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