stay home!!!


(from an anonymous submitter in maryland.)

14 responses to “stay home!!!

  1. The misspelled achey and lousey (unless they really do have lice!) combined with the exclamation points makes this even better.

  2. The second I feel sick I don’t go to work, not to pervent other people from getting sick but because I hate work so much.

  3. I agree–people with lice absolutely have no business coming into work.

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  5. argh, nothing pisses me off more…well, that isn’t true, but it is irritating. work ethic, fuck that, if you’re sick, stay home!!

  6. Me too, colds wouldn’t spread so easily if people would stay at home more often.

  7. Please send one to my kid’s school! Also add that parents who work DO stay home to nurse their children back to health, thus losing money. What I get pissed about are these skanks who send their children to school, sick, and not care for them, when their loser ass is sitting home all day, and can AFFORD to keep their children home. It simply inconveniences them.

  8. Heather thats a little offensive. I stay at home and care for my children I don’t consider myself a loser, and I don’t have a choice in the matter – I cannot afford childcare. £600 per month times 2

  9. Ha. I would certainly hope that someone would stay home if they were feeling “lousey.”

  10. This notice is fantastic! I’d like to add a note for smokers who complain about having a “flu I just can’t shake off” – stop smoking! Duh.

  11. What I really hate is when co-workers have sick kids, but instead of staying home and taking care of them they bring them into work with them. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. re barry: that just about makes it the worst. offices (or wherever they work) has bad air circulation so the virus is just trapped and going around and around.

  13. barry/jalix: for single mom’s like myself who don’t get paid if they don’t show up for work and we live paycheck to paycheck just about, we show up with our kids because just missing 1 day could set us back. It’s not a fun cycle to get into. I am guilty of sending my kid to school doped up on motrin (as long as he’s not contagious with strep throat and the like mind you) because I can’t afford to stay home with him unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    But I am all for people staying home when/if they feel downright crappy because, again, people with kids don’t have time to get sick.

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