please ladies please

maybe it’s the manic use of ellipses and exclamation points, but this note makes me very uncomfortable.


says erica in new york city, “as bad as it can get in the ladies’, i’ve been told the men’s bathroom is even worse.”

15 responses to “please ladies please

  1. I wish every women’s bathroom had signs like this. It could use a little less punctuation though.

  2. And dammit, they use Comic Sans in this! I’d stick pads to the sign in protest.

  3. I’m more unnerved by the prospect of “ladies” using handtowels to clean their cooz, and then flushing them, than by somebody using too much puctuation in the note to tell them not to do it. I’d tell them that, if caught, they’d have to bob the damn things out.

  4. comic sans is outright aggressive.

  5. “we are all grateful for the respect we give to each other” !

  6. The person who wrote this has issues.

  7. Oh nooooo! NOT COMIC SANS!!!!!……!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. “If you sprinkle when you tinkle”…what is the rest? I’ve never heard this lovely phrase.

  9. I have to agree with the note writer. Women are really bad about leaving paper litter where it falls in public restrooms. I’m pretty sure they don’t tolerate this being done in their homes. The ones who hover in my work area miss the bowl entirely! EEEEWWWW

  10. My Bologna Has A First Name

    If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat

  11. Thank god the note writer put the extra exclamation points.
    I don’t think the perps wouldve gotten the idea without them.
    Oh and another version of the classic toilet poem is; “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety and wipe the seaty”

  12. You know, I have always been amazed at the women who will leave a public bathroom a complete mess even when they have had to look into the face of the person using the toilet after them. Ridiculous, I can’t imagine leaving a mess on the seat or around the toilet and not cleaning it because Iwould be embarassed but some people have no home training.

  13. “as bad as it can get in the ladies’, i’ve been told the men’s bathroom is even worse.”

    As someone who cleaned both men’s and women’s dorm bathrooms for a year, I can tell you women’s restrooms are just slightly more disgusting than men’s. Sad, but true.

  14. i hate those that leave “sprinkles” it’s absolutely foul.

  15. erica couldnt be further from the truth of all the blocked toilets ive ever done in offices not one has been the mens toilets ud think if a toilet didnt flush women of all people wouldnt keep using it youd be suprised

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