when ph.d.s get frustrated

says dave in new york city: “i love that this note contains a fairly detailed explanation of lord kelvin’s formulation of the second law of thermodynamics. and a helpful diagram!”


27 responses to “when ph.d.s get frustrated

  1. That’s truely the best. I love the diagram.

  2. So he’s a PhD, and he makes a drawing of hot air FALLING?

  3. Pfft. I’d be more impressed if he’d used blue ink to indicate the cold air.

  4. All he had to say was “Don’t run the A/C with the window open, it wastes electricity.”

  5. this note isn’t passive aggressive. it has a specific request and logical rational reasons.

  6. Okay, I’ve been reading this web site obsessively since I stumbled upon it a week or so ago, and this is my favorite one so far. Brilliant.

  7. Mark Davis is right, in the end.

  8. Absolutely the best PA note thus far. Let’s start a ‘note of the week’ or something here ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I reckon Mark Davis wrote the note.



  10. The room won’t necessarily get hotter. If the cold air blown into the room minus the hot air generated by inefficiencies in the unit is greater than zero then you have a net decline in heat. It doesn’t matter that the A/C blows hot air outside because that shouldn’t effect the temperature inside. It could make a difference if there’s a constant draft going into the room that draws all the heat from the unit in with it but that probably doesn’t happen too often. It still wastes a lot of electricity though. Blowing a fan over a bucket of cold tap water would be a lot more efficient.

  11. i’m glad ph.d. students have so much time

  12. Am I mistaken or did he spell it vary instead of very?

  13. Best one so far….

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  15. hmmm…hard to determine whether this is P-A or just plain TMI. Sometimes, it’s best to just say what needs sayin’ (like Anhoni stated), without the lesson.

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  18. i love this one. the best so far!

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  20. A very unique blog i must say! U r good ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. ^^ gr8 1!

  22. While the average temperature of the room will likely increase due to the net influx of hot air, the local temperature in the immediate vicinity of front of the ac unit will still be significantly cooler. It may be possible that the note’s recipient simply wanted to find a way to show off those great wool pants he just bought at an off-season clearance sale.

  23. HAHA yeah TTFK had a point.

    who’d run the aircon with window open anyway? if it’s hot enough OUTSIDE to turn on the aircon it’s hot enough to close the window.

  24. Suppose, however, that it is much hotter inside than outside. (Perhaps it got very warm in the room during the day, but now it is night.) Turning the AC on and opening the window might be the fastest way to get the place cool. Assuming, of course, that not all of the hot air from the AC unit finds its way back in through the window. I’m just saying… this guy’s roommate might have done exactly the right thing.

  25. “Good Lord, what WAS he THINKING?? Obviously he failed to factor convection, entropy, and dynamic equilibrium into the equation… and furthermore, miscellaneous sciencey-sounding buzzword(s). Also, please ignore my my marked lack of humor-detection faculties and instead note that I’m clearly much more intelligent and well-educated than this so-called Ph.D.”

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