danke [for the sarcasm]!!!

tim found this note in the basement storeroom of an apartment building in kiel, germany:


tim’s rough translation:

THANKS for filling [up the storeroom]!!!
i was able to get to the meter just SUPER!!!
tenant 5/1 [fifth floor, first apartment]

[hand written at the bottom] many thanks from me too, tenant 5/2

9 responses to “danke [for the sarcasm]!!!

  1. Ve Germans are not all smiles und sunshine.

  2. Ah, Germans – gotta love ’em 🙂

  3. Gotta agree with you 😉

  4. Lustig!
    Verstehe alerdings nicht, was die Mieter 5,1 und 5,2 am Stromkasten zu suchen haben. Den guckt man sich einmal im Jahr an…

  5. “Get to the meter” ?

    Don’t think I get that; what sort of meter would a resident need access to?

    Unless he also works for the water department…

  6. @piranhase and brian

    “Stromkasten” is probably better translated as “fuse box”, not “meter”. If your fuse blows for some reason, I don’t know, over-excessive use of fan blowers or whatever, you need to go to the Stromkasten to put it back in… I can see how it is annoying if you couldn’t reach it in that case 😉

  7. lol – i wouldn’t know. Which is a bit worrying since I have just finished my German AS course. Heh, I think I failed my exams 😉
    Which says it all, really.

  8. Note the wrong apostrophe (“für’s” = “für es”, “fürs” = “für das”)

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