i would prefer


“i still put my stuff all over his couch,” says ryan in d.c., who adds that this note is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his “anal-retentive” roommate. ryan will be moving out of the apartment soon, but (in a final passive-aggressive gesture) says he has stuffed the couch full of candy wrappers for his roommate to find.

6 responses to “i would prefer

  1. That guy seems like a ridiculous tool! I would stuff his couch too. That’s passive-agressive to the point of nausea. Please punch him in the face before you leave!

  2. Aah the “Thanks!” at the end. It doesn’t get more passive aggressive than that.

  3. “ridiculous tool,”…? “punch him in the face,”…? hostile. no wonder people are so passive agressive.

  4. If ryan’s not leaving puke on the couch, then the roomie has no business complaining.

  5. Eh-

    Yes, that IS why it’s a PASSIVE AGRESSIVE note site.

    Clearly not advising him to HURT someone….just be passive agressive right back.

    I may be hostile, but you are completely ANAL.

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