the eleventh plague

oh, how i love (totally tacky) reply-all e-mails.


thanks to kate in new york city, who says she has a whole inbox full of e-mails like this from the coworkers at her law firm.

5 responses to “the eleventh plague

  1. but what was in the “box”?

  2. joebec,

    I wondered that too, but then noticed the subject line. It contained “Passover macaroons.” Cookie thief!

  3. I LOVE that it says “passover macaroons.” I think that that will be the name of my new band.

  4. And that’s why you never bring food in to share at a workplace in New York City.*

    *Spoken by someone who lives in a city in which trick or treaters will only take a single piece of candy when an entire bowl is left on the front stoop. Actually, I guess the joke’s on us.

  5. Would you really want to eat them if they were brought back?

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