the post-it wars

after receiving numerous “helpful tips” from her roommate at the university of minnesota…


sponge.jpg dishes.jpg

lydia decided to add a few post-its of her own.


(the large signs on the oven and the microwave were already there.)

16 responses to “the post-it wars

  1. I love this site, I have linked to you because I’m doing something similar on my own…. only with vegetables… although I think I might be the passive aggressive one…


    Mrs L Carrot

  2. There you go, effing thing, it only lets me be babychaos, ever… ok so the passive aggressive site is THAT’s where I’ve linked to you.

    Sorry. I’ll get off your case now.



  3. Clutter, clutter, clutter…

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  5. You know what really makes me want to keep the kitchen counter clean? Comparing it to a feces-encrusted anus.

  6. this is…. amazing…. words cannot describe how I feel….

  7. Oh man, my roommate used to leave notes on EVERYTHING. Stuff just like this. There were some great ones too, I should have taken some pictures.

  8. I feel sorry for the note taker. People who don’t clean up after themselves are a$@holes. You’re not living at home anymore, grow up & wipe down the bench!

  9. :))) the last picture is surely that of a very very desperate person. COOL! keep it up 😉

  10. Those notes are a bit much but as the one who spends way too much time cleaning up behind two slobs, I can relate. It only takes a few seconds to wipe down counters and microwaves and put your own dishes in the dishwasher. No one wants to clean up behind other adults. That will drive you batty!

  11. I can understand not wanting to clean up after slobs but to be treated as a child… no no no… I would never be able to deal with this roommate!

  12. is this like a daycare center run by 3 yr olds??

  13. I was the naughty roommate back then. I probably needed more post-it notes, or (the electronic version) email memos. All of which are substitutions for the real work of talking it out, eh? I wonder if the real reason this is so funny is because it seems a little too familiar…

  14. oh sweet crap I think I love her….

  15. bwahahaha that last one was awsome! =D

  16. Hah, the squiggly lines on top of the 2nd post-it notes is a lovely touch of art, one to remind you of the fact how pens found lying in shared housing never work!

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