there you go, bringing Him into it again



(from sarah’s AMAZING photo set, “notes on theft”, and from james in beaumont, texas.)

17 responses to “there you go, bringing Him into it again

  1. You’re right. Jesus doesn’t steal Pop Tarts (…or hot wings or pizzarolls) he makes them appear out of thin air. If you could make wine out of water (or is it the other way around?) why would you need to steal anything? I bet Jesus wouldn’t leave passive aggressive notes either.

  2. That last one is so creepy!

  3. ObstreperousB

    Wasn’t Jesus all about feeding the hungry?

    Plus, I think the reason Jesus didn’t steal the aforementioned food items is much the same reason Jesus didn’t wear polyester or have an email account.

    And finally, if the classroom is covered by the blood of Jesus, does that mean that it has communion wine splashed all over it? What have those kids been getting up to?

  4. What would Jesus steal?

  5. Judas’ last poptart

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  7. They actually took the time to change pens from black to red to write the word blood and underline it.

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  9. The last note is already creepy, but the exclamation point with the heart makes it even creepier.

  10. These people are seriously hardcore about hot wings and pizza rolls and poptarts (and presumably, crayons and scrap paper?). I was pretty sure with the war and drought and famine and AIDS and all that Jesus simply does not have time to be drug into this madness!

  11. I love notes that end “you know who you are.”
    Its deliciously redundant. Except in an amnesia clinic.

    Poptart was delicious too,

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  13. it’s not sanitary to be teaching in a bloody classroom,even if it IS J.C’s blood… time to send a note home to the parents.

    also, Jesus didn’t have poptarts, but if He would have, ooooohhhh the temptation!

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  15. All these note-writers will have to make an uncomfortable paradigm shift when some shepherd boy in Iran finds some parchement scrolls in a buried jar which reveal a hidden gospel which states that Jesus did eat poptarts but they were given to him freely along the dusty roads of Palestine and the hot wings could have been stolen and destroyed by him if they weren’t prepared kosher. And pizza? Scholars are still arguing about that.

  16. Man I luv the comments as much as the

    This classroom is covered by the blood….instant classic!!

  17. imp queen world monarch

    i really wish the heart-exclamation church lady would figure out that the blood of Jesus is a metaphor. That stuff never comes out in the wash.

    Plus, what if the children are dirty little sinners who steal Pop-Tarts, hot wings and pizza rolls from their Bible college roommates? What then?

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