a common misconception

dispatches from an oh-so-common passive-aggressive battleground…



so, whose side are you on?

19 responses to “a common misconception

  1. pennysquisher

    It sounds like they both need to move their crap into their own rooms.

  2. Awesome! I just wanted to let you know that this whole site is great. idea well executed.

  3. oh, pssshhht, WORD!

  4. My Bologna Has A First Name

    They both sound like jerks. What happened to a conversation?

  5. i’m pretty sure they are both from the same person

  6. BOLOGNA: Sorry, which two guys sound like jerks? I’m pretty sure those are parts one and two of the same message. WORD. J

  7. It’s only one person: J.


  8. I agree, these are from the same person; they’re both signed “J”, and they use the “U”, instead of you.

  9. It is the same person, the 2 pages are beside each other. Word.

  10. uhm…aren’t these by the same person? they’re both signed “J”…

  11. I expect Bologna meant that Andy is also a jerk if he is messing with J.’s stuff.

  12. Anyone with kids knows there’s a BIG difference between storing your crap underneath the table versus leaving your crap on top of the table.

    If there’s paints on the table, where do I put my margarita?

  13. Yo J-dawg, mad props to you. Word.

  14. ol… hillarious! 🙂

  15. As someone who paints and “stores” paints all over the house (including on top of the television and on the kitchen table) I must say that I side with the person moving the paints. After all, the note-leaver and owner-of-the-paints used “u” instead of “you” and that’s just retarded. Also, yes. There is a huge difference between storing crap beneath and on top of a table.

    Also, I initially mis-read the first note as ‘pants’ instead of paints and wondered why someone would leave pants in the common area, and then justify it as “well, this is the common area, right?”

  16. DiscoNostalgia

    OK, I know it’s been said before but I… Can’t… Help… Myself:


  17. i’m with the original guy, purely because he didnt say word.

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