arrivederci, asshole

sara is one of seven students sharing an apartment in venice. after three months of living together, she says, it became clear that one of the flatmates had to go: he had nasty habits like, um, pleasuring himself in his in other people’s bedrooms while they were out. “we gently told him we thought it was better for everybody if he looked for another house,” sara says, but he didn’t take the hint. so they decided to leave him this note:


roughly translated from the italian, it reads: “it’s time you leave.”

(he did.)

3 responses to “arrivederci, asshole

  1. Ha ha ha… brilliant this one!!! 😀

  2. it would have been better if it was in blood

  3. That is too funny. I like the idea of leaving a note that suggests violence. You don’t have to say, leave or else, you just allow the person’s mind to ponder the consequences of NOT leaving. I”ll have to use this one. I’m totally in support of passive aggressive behaviors.

    The guy with the specific cubical problem has more issues than not having his specific cubical when he wants it. I’m thinking maybe he has control issues. I’m thinking maybe he didn’t expect a smart ars response. Good for the other specific cubical guy for following the lead of his passive aggressor.


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