studying up on bedside manner might not be a bad idea

CC found this note in one of the study carrels at her large midwestern med school:


this was her response:


(she continues on a second page.)

28 responses to “studying up on bedside manner might not be a bad idea

  1. I was tag surfing from my blog and I found your post. This is so hilarious! Someone definitely needs to get a life!!

  2. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to leave one’s junk in another one of the 100 empty cubicles the responder mentions? Rebuttal notes that exceed the length of the original note are generally lame.

  3. Well, one thing I’ve noticed about med students is they certainly don’t lack arrogance and self-righteousness!

  4. Potbelly-

    Yeah, it would have been just as easy, but not nearly as hilarious.

    If people acted maturely in all situations, we wouldn’t have this hilarious website to make us laugh.

  5. Well, the trolls are certainly off and running. Seriously, wouldn’t it be just as easy for the original note-poster to study in a different cubicle, especially if they don’t “own” that cubicle? Besides, how would the note be as funny if it were shorter? I enjoy reading histarical letters like this one–full of wit and sarcasm. This site is fantastic!

  6. I love it!!! This is why I read this site!!!

    People are nuts!!!

  7. I love how the writing gets smaller and smaller because they kept yammering on and on. Awesome.

  8. I thought the respondent was doing so well until the very last line. I have no respect for them now.

  9. Personally, the respondent is my new hero.

  10. personally i think the respondent could’ve done better. short and sweet is always better when it comes to responses to trolls / passive-aggressives.

  11. Some people will fight about anything! I would just set the stuff on the floor, then put it back at the end of my study session.

    Why are people obsessed with being Right? Both of the note writers are problematic individuals.

  12. I would like to write a chick-lit novel set in the competitive, high-stakes world of athletic couture, and call it “The Swiftest of Fashions.”

  13. OMG, people have too much fucking time on their hands… seriously!

  14. what’s so funny is the incongruous last line of the responder’s note “don’t hate the playah, hate the game”


  15. Underlining words always makes them look more authoritative.

  16. SC, of course you are right, and I do love the hilariousness. But this particular response note is so freakin’ hypocritical, humorless and long-winded I can’t even believe it!

  17. I suspect sarcastic note-writer number 2 is aware of the identity of note-writer number 1, and that the use of the word “specific” and the length of the note are both designed to piss that person off.

  18. Sorry, I meant “personality” not identity.

  19. Greetings all! I am hope everyone is getting a laugh out of all this, because believe me, I sure am. If you don’t think it’s funny, well, unfortunately, I did my best, but it’s true that you can’t please all the people all the time. Besides, when you’re having fun, time flies, so all the writing took much less time and effort than one would think.

    Anyways, just to remove any more confusion, a friend & classmate of mine asked if they could put this up on the website, and I said “Sure, why not? I’m getting a laugh out of the whole situation–let’s let other people laugh at us all too?!” However, I was later informed that people are confused about the word “playah.” So, if you will indulge me, I will fill you all in on the inside joke.

    Earlier this year, the apparent “cubicle-owner,” in a somewhat desperate attempt to deny that med students are not all huge nerds (which we most definitely are, as you can well see) tried to rename our study room (a.k.a. the “nerd cave”), to the “playah’s club.” They even went so far as to post a list of “playah’s rules” throughout the room, renamed the cubicles “play-pens,” and made it clear that from now on, no one in the room was to say we were studying, but rather “gettin’ our play on.” And so on. So hopefully, you all now understand my final “playah” reference.

    By the way, congrats to whatladder who is absolutely right. And no, I have no idea who he/she is, nor are they related to me in any fashion. Oh, and to whoever proposed a novel entitled, “The Swiftest of Fashions,” that idea sounds uber-funny, and I definitely wish I had thought of it.

    Please, continue to enjoy and make fun of us all. After all, as the late great Jane Austen observed, “what are we here for but to serve as sport for our neighbors, and make fun of them in our turn.”


  20. Hillarious!!! 😀

  21. heh I thought the last line with the “playah” comment was pretty lame until I read the explaination…sounds like lots of fun was had by all when writing the rebuttal

    …makes me miss school 😛

  22. There is no way that I would have taken that much time out of my life writing a two-page response to that nutjob. It was sort of funny, but way too long. Surely these med students have better things to do with their time.

  23. The response to this note is classic. Its well worded and aptly calls out the obnoxious student who left the original note. As a recent law school graduate who spent plenty of time in dark libraries and lonely cubicles, i have observed plenty of these crazy note-writer types who become overbearing and controlling about everything surrounding their study space.

  24. Delicious !

  25. What scares me is the thought that someday, the “playah” might have to, you know, heal something….

  26. I’m with thordora and just praying neither the playah nor the writer of the original note is British. I don’t want the “something” to be me!



  27. i love how she says “grassly” inconvenienced…lmao

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