thanks for eating my lunch


(charlie in los angeles did not eat your lunch.)

9 responses to “thanks for eating my lunch

  1. haha i love it.

  2. apparently JP ate the lunch as he signed the note.
    the irony here is that there is a cafeteria on the other side of the wall from the fridge . . .

  3. There’s an easy cure for stolen lunches, once a week pack a sandwich marinated in tobasco sauce…

  4. i totally love point-counterpoint public notes.

  5. some people are just so ballsy! see, this is why i waste all my money on fast food every day….it’s a jungle in the fridge!

  6. later that day

    later that day someone named ‘JP’ leaves another postit note, clarifying that it is NOT he who ate those lunches, but rather some other JP, or perhaps, even someone simply calling themselves JP, for the purpose of using him as the patsy.

  7. I always put a post it on mine that says “I licked the entire contents of this lunch box…do you really want to take that chance?” Haven’t had my lunch stolen in 7 years!

  8. What on earth is CREAMER? It sounds dirty.

  9. Re: Brian/tobasco

    Concentrated laxative. It’ll cure them of the habit pretty quick.

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