the souls of our shoes

this important safety message is brought to you from an anonymous worker at a call center in toronto…


18 responses to “the souls of our shoes

  1. What kind of hick goes shoe-less at work?!

  2. Got to hate cutting the “souls” of your feet.

  3. I have to admit that when I am at my desk I often have my shoes off…ok and sometimes when I walk to the priner. I have a germ-freak coworker that gets so grossed 0ut (not by my cute feet!) from the germs on the floor. It’s just comfy.

  4. oh, what needless shards and burdens our souls (soles) carry! I think I’d worry a bit more about the smithereens in my eye! Glad it missed by a hair (or would it be hare?)

  5. What was her hair doing down on the ceramic kitchen floor?

  6. Great name for a band:

    The Souls of People’s Shoes

  7. I’m not grossed out by the floor, but I am grossed out by coworkers with their shoes off. I have a “to the printer” walker near me too, and it’s gross, and to me, disrespectful. Put your darn shoes on – if they hurt or something, get some shoes that work for you.

  8. The Rolling Stones song, “Shattered”, is now playing in my head…

  9. why are professional people walking around without shoes on? uck! i would leave a note that says “I’m surrounded by shoeless idiots!”

  10. If you aren’t working from home keep your shoes on! It is so gross and unprofessional. You are in an office, not the beach. Plus who knows what is on the floor that could leave a black mark on your souls……………

  11. “disrespectful” A little dramatic I think.
    Unprofessional, perhaps. *Considering stopping*…um no, I think I will just do what makes me happy.

  12. Wow, a glass shard on your soul really must hurt.

  13. I love it. It’s poetry. She should have sold it more hardcore and said a shard of glass did land in her eye – then she could have worn a bedazzled patch.

  14. It’s certainly idiotic. If you want people to think you’re that much of a slob, then I guess it doesn’t matter to you.

    It’s not your fucking house, put your shoes on. Totally lame. Great career move, no shoes!

  15. I’m one of many people in my office who let our feet go free under our desk. I consider it a perk: it increases our sense of engagement. As long as your feet are clean – go for it.

  16. Sensing the hostility Terri. I promise everything will be ok. Breathe.

  17. I love the way the note rambles. At first I thought it was going to be a lesson on proper glass container storage.

  18. Ok…first of all as unprofessional, idiotic and “disrespectful” not wearing your shoes at work may be the bottom line is that it really is none of your business unless there is some offensive odor lingering about. THEN and only then do you have a right to bitch about it. If someone slices their foot open on a piece of glass it’s their problem. Hey…in fact, even more of a reason not to wear their shoes. Unfortunately for you foot haters! I personally hate, HATE wearing shoes and I will walk to the printer without shoes. I for a very large, well known insurance company however, my job is not all that professional or glamourous. Basically, get over it. Stick your snobby nose up in the air towards someone else. Or in the words of my 5 year old…”Put on your big girl panties and just deal with it!”

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