to all tennant


my personal favorite from sara k’s oh-so-delightful office sign project.

12 responses to “to all tennant

  1. I love how it’s all two big run-on sentences. And how the second sentence is completely unrelated to the first. And how it’s all typed in capitals, of course, because people WOULDN’T THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT IF IT WASN’T. 🙂

  2. shout directly from your kitty pan??? What?

  3. See, you learn something new every day: who knew that kitty litterS was plural? Thouse crazy manager people. I’m a cats owner too! But at least I don’t shout directly from the kitty pan when I dump my litters.

  4. I usually shout directly *at* the kitty pan, but only if the cat missed again.

  5. I have a feeling this was typed by someone for whom English is a second language.

  6. Thanks Shelley, you made me laugh out loud at work. Now everyone thinks I’m crazy. Shout out from the kitty pan, yo!

  7. ok, i don’t even know where to start on this one. i guess the “manager” missed the class where the teacher taught about plural nouns… and punctuation. but what i’m really wondering about is if you stand in your kitty litter and shout, will that make the kitty litter not stink? or will the litter fairy come and take it for you? don’t forget to wear some slippers or something if you must shout directly from your kitty litter…

  8. Why can’t anybody spell? I would think a landlord in particular might…might…might possibly be able to spell the word tenant, since, well, you know, that’s the main thing of his job.

  9. Here I’ve been, foolishly using the word tenants with an “s”, like I had good sense. Thank you, crazy manager-with-the-stuck-CAPS-LOCK-key, for setting me straight.

  10. WOW, no wonder they leave notes…can you imagine an actual conversation with this idiot? AH DUBADUBADUBA that’s alll folks!

  11. The poor guy obvious doesn’t speak English as his first language. It is still a pretty funny note though. I imagined shouting at a kitty pan as well, as I’ve often felt like doing that.

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