a holiday wish


from heidi’s apartment building in kansas city, mo.

says heidi: “the decorating committee of condo owners added lamps to the hallway tables on each floor. someone started turning the lamps off on some floors, and someone else left this note on the bulletin board in the building’s laundry room. ”

gotta love that festive holiday stationery!

6 responses to “a holiday wish

  1. I’m pretty sure that note was done on a typewriter, which starts to boggle my mind the more I think about it.

  2. It’s the stationery that makes the whole thing come together. That picture needs to be inserted in Wikipedia’s “Passive Aggressive” entry.

  3. And the casual reference to ‘we’. Very good.

  4. It does sound like a bit of a waste of power to have random lamps on in the hallway just for decoration….

  5. Yes, definitely a waste of electricity. It is not produced from a renewable resource at this time. Conservation is GOOD.

  6. this note is hilarious

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