nobody wants to see that shit

from an all-girls floor of a boston university dorm…


ah, college.

thanks to vicky for submitting!

22 responses to “nobody wants to see that shit

  1. Were they just making out, or doing something else?

  2. wow, serious issues on display here. since when is making out “shit?”

    and what’s up with this innocently walking to the bathroom? does that mean that someone might want to see that shit while guiltily walking to the bathroom?

  3. Making out i guess means something else here… kinda making the “shit” 😛

  4. thank you ppl for making out and having sex in public we all should walk around naked and fuck anytime we feel like. better world i think.

  5. no one that makes posts using that font in all caps is an innocent.

  6. You can close doors all you want, but when you can’t sleep at 2am and you’re in bed reading and you hear your roommate’s girlfriend in the throes of orgasm, you really don’t have any recourse but to lie there and take it, so to speak. I mean, he’s in his room with her, the door’s shut, and it’s not so loud that it would wake me up but every time I finished a sentence she’d whimper or something.

    How do you leave a passive-aggressive note for THAT?

  7. Someone is jealous….

    And that someone is me.

  8. So glad my uni residences was composed exclusively of single person units….

  9. I once knew a girl who asked her roommate to kindly refrain from having sex in their one-room double when she was there. The roommate’s response was to say, “It’s not my fault if you’re a lesbian and can’t get any guys.” She wore pearls and carried a Gucci purse all the time at the age of 18, if that helps to explain her at all…

  10. I must be getting old, but I have to side with the author on that one. Back in my college days, I’ve seen my roommates making out; I’ve seen my two female roommates doing the deed; I had my best friend and her guy make out in my bed. And I have this to say. Watching ordinary imperfect people make out is not the same as watching, I don’t know, erotica or a porn flick. The latter is a thing of beauty, the former is, well, gross. Unless you two are models or Hollywood actors, nobody wants to see this shit! Sorry!
    PS Great site, this is my first comment after several weeks of lurking, keep up the good work!!

  11. What if theyre making out with their roommate???

  12. thank you for a trip down memory lane… for some reason this just had me rolling!


  13. What if the roommate is a voyeur? What if she enjoys it? In fact, what if she requested them to make out if front of her and it’s really not their fault at all and they’re just being good friends.

  14. That font is Comic Sans’ evil twin.

  15. Josh – How about this….
    I love hearing your girlfriend wailing in orgasmic pleasure, but maybe you could ask her to keep it down…. Yeah baby, yeah, oh, oh, oh… It’s a little distracting when… oh, oh, oh, thats right baby, oh, oh, ooooOoooohhh… I’m trying to read.

  16. i live in Germany. in berlin a while back, a bunch of people in a condominium set-up took one neighbor couple to court, saying their love-making screams were constantly disturbing their peace. the judge ruled in favour of the noisy couple, saying they were making what amounts to (awkward translation coming up) the normal sounds of the living.

  17. If I want to hear your girlfriend have an orgasm, I’ll give her one.


  18. I love the selfish bastard’s universal response to a request to show some consideration: ‘Grow up’.

  19. Just film it and post it.

  20. that is too funny!

  21. If it’s specifically a girls-only dorm, and not co-ed, the people making out were probably both women.

  22. roommate survivor

    I love this website.
    Its a daily reminder of why I will never EVER in my life EVER have another roommate .
    My friend Aggie said it best.
    Real estate prices create this non stop psycho drama called NYC.
    Whats up with this shit? Girls today are just as big of slobs as guys are.
    Im talking about GROWN ASS men and women most of whom are college graduates who live like sub human apes.
    Like my Gran always said
    “boy if you aint got nothing to your name thats alright, just keep it clean”.

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