from the offices of “a large internet company” in northern virginia…


thanks to liz for submitting!

7 responses to “priorities

  1. I have a couple of notes over on my blogspot that are pretty hilarious

    Click my name

  2. I agree, flushed toilets SHOULD take priority over wet counter tops! I love this blog!

  3. I think every office bathroom 0ught to have one of these signs

  4. Oh man, this had me rolling. LOL!

  5. AOL anyone?

  6. Your site is pretty funny….very original topic!

  7. “Hm. I shall ponder this note for a moment and the content therein. Shall I consider wiping my drips from the countertop, caused by the faucet, which in turn precipitates a river of soap, water and possible fecal matter on said countertop? Hm. This IS a serious consideration. Allow me to chew on this for a moment longer… aw, fuck it.”

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