which one of these is not like the other?

along with the mad bomber series, i’d say this note is one for the hall of fame. there are so many amazing elements here i can’t even pick a favorite.



29 responses to “which one of these is not like the other?

  1. Your site adds a nice start to my day! Good to know I have things a little better!


  2. I have included this site on my Website Wednesday feature. I love it.

  3. in the week or so that i’ve been reading your blog, it’s become one of my favorites

  4. I personally favor the way it starts…with a “yay!”

    Is the reply in the upper right hand corner, or was that part of the note.

    I’m thinking the writer is sorta jealous of the girls who get to, um, use the shower that way. And, I think this person really really wanted her roommate to make a connection with her. “don’t say hello”.

    This one’s all over the map, but a good one.

  5. it’s the sticker that does it for me…

  6. “smells like whore”…is that the new Axe (for hoes)?

  7. I don’t understand — what’s wrong with re-using plastic utensils?

  8. I had the same question as Jenny, but was afraid to ask. Don’t want to be labeled as a spork-reusing ho!

  9. OK, maybe some of those I can understand, but what’s wrong with putting can openers in the sink? Does she mean getting them stuck in the drain or something? (And I also don’t think reusing plastic utensils is offensive.)

  10. Um…what does “whore” smell like? Damnation and hellfire or KY and…well, you know.

    ps. Reusing plastic utensils is good for the environment. Plastic spoons do not grow on trees.

  11. “smell like a whore”…I can’t imagine anything worse than telling someone they smell like a whore. That just brings to mind all sort of things…like those damn feminine “freshness” commercials of the 80’s.

  12. Is that a Harry Potter sticker on that note?

    My granny always accused anyone wearing a lot of perfume of smelling like a whore, but I think an actual whore probably smells like a combination of sweat, booze and azz.

  13. People tell me all the time that I smell like a whore. What’s wrong with that? At least I’m getting some…

  14. smells like cat food and ass…who been having sex?

  15. I love the parentheses at the end. Just in case you needed a quick breakdown of the situation. Funny that she decides to dish all the dirt after the roomate moves out. Very passive-aggressive.

  16. I’ll help clarify a few things for the confused…

    Not jealous of the girl using the shower that way, only because whenever I would need to shower, or sleep. you know where I’m going…

    the problem with reusing the plastic stuff is it’s all gross and we have actual silverware that they use and DONT clean.

    Can openers in the sink…usually, there isn’t too big of a mess with a can opener, so it’s easy to put in the drawer. However, when a person uses it, puts it in the sink when it’s completely fine, and then doesn’t do their dishes for the next…ohhh five days, and you go to open a…I don’t know…can? It’s kind of annoying.

    Def. not jealous of these girls. roommates in college suck. that’s all.

  17. oh! and the note in the corner I think says, “WORD: SAY NO TO FRESHMAN ROOMMATE BITCHES”

  18. I love the way girls will sometimes toss in the oh-so-subtle implication that their roommates/ex-friends/etc. are slutting around, as if who they’re in the shower with is really all that relevant.

  19. It matters when you walk on them naked on your futon.

  20. I suspect the notemaker’s issue goes something like this…

    “Hoorah! My room mate has finished showering at last. Never mind, here’s to a lovely wash! Ooo! Hang on!

    “What’s that squidging between my toes? Has my room mate left the cap off the shampooh bottle again? Oh no! It’s… Aaaaargh!”

  21. Dude, honestly I can relate to the notemaker, my roommate has screaming fights with her boyfriend at 4 in the morning, at least once a week, never cleans up, and my personal favorite, soaks everything she makes in at least 1 inch of grease while cooking so that the entire three foot area around the stove is spattered. She has no concept that this grease exists, and also smells heavily of sweat and perfume. (Love Potion by Victoria’s Secret?)

  22. haha, funny, thank god I don’t have roommates like that. I wonder, where is this from?

  23. I can empathize with the note’s writer. University roommates DO fucking suck, and consistently seem to have the idea that it is their roommates job to teach them how to behave like civilized human beings. Yeah, I’m a little bitter.

  24. now that IS something to cheer about! let me grab my pom-poms! WOOOOOH!

  25. Let’s all applaud THAT little celebration!!

  26. If that’s how the notemaker felt about her roomate, it’s no wonder that she did’nt say Hello

  27. Whoa, the note’s writer is commenting on here? Crazy! Does that mean she submitted the note? That sort of takes the fun out of it.

  28. Smell like whore!

    It sounds like a command…

  29. A self-congratulatory note!!!

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYYYYYYYY team!

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